Beyond just credit data

  • Nature-, Finance-, Compliance, Sanction risks, ... for
  • 1-n tier suppliers and regions
  • Comparable risk profiles

Risk Intelligence

  • Finished risk scorecards
  • Up to 100% automatized
    data loading
  • Warnings in realtime

Live in 1 Day

  • Activation within 24 hours,
    no implementation project
  • Minimal resource effort
  • Immediate ROI

Fun to use

  • Interactive world map
  • Similar interface to an App, highest user acceptance
  • Mobile App available

Supply Chain Risk Management

Companies are permanently exposed to pressure in terms of innovations and costs. As a result, companies often tap into new markets by outsourcing their value-added services. This results in complex, global supply networks but also in a range of unknown risks, which must be identified and minimized at an early stage. Market leadership is therefore strongly determined by the ability to master these challenges, both now and in the future.

riskmethods' Supply Risk Network was developed to make companies of any size and from any sector masters of supply chain risk management – in only a few days! 

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Transparency about suppliers, countries, locations and hubs

Weighted scorecard that covers all risk types

Automatic alerts via email or mobile app

Identification of critical risk objects

Automatic link to risk intelligence

Evaluation of criticality and extent of damage

  • Peter Neumüller

    Senior Procurement Engineer

    “Supply chain risk management along all tiers of the supply chain and across all relevant risks means further professionalisation of our procurement.“

Test the “Supply Risk Network” for 30 Days at no charge!

Start your proactive monitoring and evaluation of supply chain risks today to assure continued ability to supply, to ensure compliance and to protect your corporate image.

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