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riskmethods helps you proactively identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. You need to master supply chain risk management—we can help.

Supply Chain Risk Management Summit 2019

The can't-miss event for mitigating supply chain risk. Join us to talk SCRM with the experts!

October 29th, 2019 | Boston, MA

The annual Supply Chain Risk Management Summit is a global, industry-leading conference centered around the prevention and mitigation of risk in supply chains. Designed for procurement and supply chain professionals worldwide, the full-day, multi-location event gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the discipline of supply chain risk management, network with other professionals in the field and bring home practical, actionable insight that will make your supply chains more resilient.

Why riskmethods?

Real-Time Information

Be the first to know. We get you exactly the information you need, exactly when you need it.

AI-Driven Insights

Stay a step ahead. Our AI-driven technology gives you the foresight to proactively address risk.

Noise Cancellation

Find the signal in the noise. We use machine-learning to make sure your alerts are 100% relevant.

Expert Guidance

Get expert advice. We’ve been in SCRM for a long time, and we can help you do it right.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence


The riskmethods Solution is powered by Risk Intelligence, a technology-driven service that uses big data monitoring and machine-learning AI to zero in on the real risk to your supply chain.


The Resilient Enterprise

The riskmethods Blog

A resilient enterprise is one that identifies, assesses and mitigates risk. The riskmethods blog explores why supply chain risk should be a part of this process—and how you can make sure it is.

Customers all over the world are relying on our solution

The ROI of SCRM with riskmethods

riskmethods customers have been able to:

Avoid Costs

Save 20% by securing critical supply.


Maintain Business Continuity

Respond to a disruption 36 hours faster than before.


Promote Efficiency

Use automation to increase early risk detection by 85%.

1-2-3 Risk Radar Activation


See a Demo

Get a personalized look at The riskmethods Solution from our supply chain risk management experts, and find out how riskmethods can help your company. Contact us today to schedule your demo!


Add Your Data

SCRM is a process, but the technology behind it doesn’t have to be. No IT, no change management, no complex integration to get started. Our Customer Success team will get you set up in no time.


Go Live

Once your data is in, watch as your risk profile is instantly populated with risk scores for all your suppliers, locations and more. Start receiving alerts and taking appropriate action right away!

Learn How to Manage Supply Chain Risk: Latest Resources

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