Supply Chain Continuity Academy

Educational opportunities and experiences designed to educate professionals on supply chain risk management.

About the Academy

The riskmethods Supply Chain Continuity Academy provides procurement and supply chain professionals with the opportunity to gain knowledge, actionable insights and tips. Through best-practice presentations, interactive workshops with leading experts and thought-leadership content, this educational opportunity to mastering supply chain risk will empower you to create reliable supply networks and help your organization to ensure business continuity.


  • Master the aftershocks from the coronavirus crisis to secure supply and be ahead of your competition
  • Create a true picture of your supply chain’s vulnerabilities
  • Cover the complete risk management lifecycle: Identify, assess and mitigate risk, to reduce risk long-term
  • Up-level your procurement processes through risk visibility
  • Build momentum and buy-in for improving the reliance of your supply

Webinar Series and Expert Discussion

Every Wednesday in August @ 10am EST | 4pm CET


Threats and risks to supply chains are nothing new. Disruption has always been with us. But for many procurement and supply chain professionals, the dramatic events surrounding the spread of the coronavirus was a wake-up call. Now it is time to move from crisis through recovery into the new normal with a focus on gaining visibility, managing the risk exposure and building resilience.

For this four-part webinar series we invited experts who will provide you with concepts, learnings and actionable insights to be better prepared:

Educational Workshop: How to get started with supply chain risk management

October 1, 2020 | 9am – 12pm EST | 3pm – 6pm CET

This 3-hour beginner-level workshop on supply chain risk management (SCRM) is open to all procurement and supply chain practitioners and gives an overview of the global supply chain risk landscape, illustrates the importance of SCRM, and provides best-practice examples. Join us to learn how to proactively identify, analyze, and mitigate all types of supply chain risk. 

Note: There is limited capacity for this session. Please register your interest and a confirmation note will be send to you upon acceptance. All others will be placed on a waitlist. 

Customized Workshop for your enterprise: Strengthening your SCRM

Interested in taking a more detailed approach to your crisis and recovery efforts? Request info on a customized workshop experience, conducted by our consulting partner TargetP. This 2-day workshop offers companies the opportunity to transform lessons learned from the crisis into more effective supply chain risk management during coronavirus recovery phase. By analyzing best-practice examples and a through merciless review of crisis measures taken, you learn to identify successes and weaknesses in your supply chain risk management.