Supply Chain Continuity Academy: Webinar Series & Expert Discussion

Threats and risks to supply chains are nothing new. Disruption has always been with us. But for many procurement and supply chain professionals, the dramatic events surrounding the spread of the coronavirus was a wake-up call. Now it is time to move from crisis through recovery into the new normal with a focus on gaining visibility, managing the risk exposure and building resilience.  

For this webinar series we invited four experts who will provide you with concepts, learnings and actionable insights to be better prepared:  

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Part 1: Secure Supply: Don’t just react to risk – anticipate it

Webinar took place on August 5

You will learn:

  • How to ensure the continuity of supply via complete visibility to your supply network
  • How to actively monitor new and emerging threats, anticipate risks, and create action plans to reduce exposure to risk
  • How to focus risk mitigation efforts on threats that pose the biggest potential for negative consequences
  • How to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to implement remediation plans in a standardized manner

Part 2: Evolve Your Sourcing Paradigm: Onboard rapidly, yet consider risk

Webinar took place on August 12

Learn from the experts:

  • Which pre-existing signals can indicate supplier distress
  • Why suppliers need sound risk management practices for themselves and their suppliers
  • How to evaluate whether new suppliers fulfill requirements, such as cyber, safety, compliance, sustainability
  • How to fully embed risk into your Sourcing and SRM processes to meet the new requirements of building resilient supply networks


Part 3: Enhance Supply Network Management: Really understand your suppliers

Webinar took place on August 19

Join us to gain expert insights:

  • How to evaluate tactical aspects of your dependence on supply, such as lead time, switching time and sole sourcing to determine criticality
  • Why you need to collaborate with suppliers on sub-tier risk exposure
  • How you can improve the effectiveness of your collaboration efforts
  • How to become the customer of choice


Part 4: Become a Risk-Aware Enterprise: Optimize and transform

Webinar took place on August 26

What you learn:

  • Why you need to digitize your entire supply chain risk management for bringing it to the next level
  • Ways to educate and empower people and improve processes
  • How to scenario plan and develop action and emergency plans to address and mitigate risk exposure
  • How to perform gap analysis of your existing and to-be supply chain risk management
  • How to make a successful transition and what skills and roles are needed to support this