Academy Part 1
Secure Supply: Don’t just react to risk – anticipate it


In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic forced procurement and supply chain teams to operate in crisis mode – particularly as many enterprises were underprepared for risk.

During recovery, you still need to secure supply. But now you will need to monitor critical supply, and perform risk-based reassessments of your changing supplier portfolio. Instead of ad hoc actions to secure supply, aim to establish sustainable continuity programs.

You will learn:

  • How to ensure the continuity of supply via complete visibility to your supply network
  • How to actively monitor new and emerging threats, anticipate risks, and create action plans to reduce exposure to risk
  • How to focus risk mitigation efforts on threats that pose the biggest potential for negative consequences
  • How to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to implement remediation plans in a standardized manner


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  • Greg Schlegel, Founder, The Supply Chain Risk Consortium
  • Heiko Schwarz, CRO & Founder, riskmethods

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