Academy Part 2
Evolve Your Sourcing Paradigm: Onboard rapidly, yet consider risk


The aftershocks of the corona crisis will continue to impact supply chains. Unfortunately, future potential disruptions include supplier financial distress.

Many procurement and supply chain teams will have to search for alternative suppliers. The upside is that when you diversify sources, you enhance your own supply chain resilience. Risk preparedness plays a greater role in your category strategy and awarding practices.

Learn from the experts:

  • Which pre-existing signals can indicate supplier distress
  • Why suppliers need sound risk management practices for themselves and their suppliers
  • How to evaluate whether new suppliers fulfill requirements, such as cyber, safety, compliance, sustainability
  • How to fully embed risk into your Sourcing and SRM processes to meet the new requirements of building resilient supply networks

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  • Prof. Dr. Erik Hofmann, Director at Institute of Supply Chain Management, University of St. Gallen
  • Heiko Schwarz, CRO & Founder, riskmethods

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