Academy Part 3
Enhance Supply Network Management: Really understand your suppliers


Procurement and supply chain teams need to be prepared for rapid response enabled by visibility and understanding the critical points of dependence across their supply network including across the tiers of their supply chain. The benefits of these insights are only achieved through collaboration with business partners. Fostering a reliable supply network is a key to surviving and thriving in recovery and beyond.

Join us to gain expert insights:

  • How to evaluate tactical aspects of your dependence on supply, such as lead time, switching time and sole sourcing to determine criticality
  • Why you need to collaborate with suppliers on sub-tier risk exposure
  • How you can improve the effectiveness of your collaboration efforts
  • How to become the customer of choice

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Zach G. Zacharia Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research, Lehigh University
Bill DeMartino Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA

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