Academy Part 4
Become a Risk-Aware Enterprise: Optimize and transform

As procurement and supply chain teams work to optimize the strategic composition of their supply network, risk-aware thinking becomes a foundational element. Businesses will need to factor in the cost of risk in all aspects of supply from design to delivery.

But don’t forget that a risk-aware enterprise is only as good as its people, processes, and governance. You can lead transformation and help your enterprise prepare for the new normal.

What you learn:

  • Why you need to digitize your entire supply chain risk management for bringing it to the next level
  • Ways to educate and empower people and improve processes
  • How to scenario plan and develop action and emergency plans to address and mitigate risk exposure
  • How to perform gap analysis of your existing and to-be supply chain risk management
  • How to make a successful transition and what skills and roles are needed to support this

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Bill DeMartino Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA

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