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Don’t see the perfect match right now? We are always looking for new Riskbusters to join our offices in Munich, Boston and Wroclaw! Email our Talent Team at or tell us more about yourself via video.

The Recruiting Process



Once you apply for a career at riskmethods, you can expect to hear back from a recruiter within two business days. If qualified, you will have a preliminary interview within five business days. We care about your time and recruitment experience and pledge to be transparent, responsive and have a process no longer than three weeks after the initial interview.



Meet the team! It’s important to us that you speak with the right people when you are in the office. All key stakeholders will be available for your interview and to answer any questions you may have. After a successful interview, you can expect an offer within three business days.


Become a Riskbuster

Expect your positive recruiting experience to carry over to your time as a Riskbuster! All new hires are greeted with an onboarding plan outlining a clear training process, goals and expectations.

What does the application process look like?

  • In general, after submitting your CV, the application process includes three essential steps. The first would be a video application via our partner Talentcube. It's super simple. You just have to answer three questions and that’s it already. 
  • The next step after the video application will be a first interview. This might take place via phone, via video (with GoToMeeting) or as a personal interview with your potential team Manager in one of our offices. Whatever the format, you will meet a member of our Talent Team and we will be keen on finding out who you are and what drives you.
  • The final step will be an in-depth personal interview in our office where you meet your potential team Manager, team mates and responsible Talent Team members. Practical tests might be included in that interview step as well, depending on the position.

What do you need from me if I want to apply?

First of all, throughout the whole application process we need you to be yourself. We want to see the real you and not only a better, made up, version of yourself. For us, every “weakness” is a strength as long as it comes with honesty.

Other than that we need you to send us your resume and contact details and to do the requested video application and online interview. If we need you to bring something along to the personal interview we will tell you in advance.

What if I do not see any job ad in my specific field?

Of course, an unsolicited application is always possible and welcomed. Just send us your letter of interest and your CV to and we will get back to you with further information as soon as possible, usually within three business days.

Where are you located?

We have three offices. Our HQ is in Munich. Besides that we have two more offices, one in Boston and one in Wroclaw.

How many nationalities are in your team?

Since we are all one team, we count the nationalities of all three offices, which makes up to 30 different nationalities in total.

How many employees are working at riskmethods?

We are currently over 158 employees worldwide.

What is the official communication language at your office?

Since we have employees from 30 different nationalities coming together, the official language of communication is English.

What are your working hours?

Since we know that not every person has their peak of motivation at the same time, we offer flexible working hours to our employees. If needed, home office is an option as well, but for us, that almost goes without saying.

Do you offer any trainings for your employees?

Yes, we have advanced online and face-to-face courses and trainings, both in-house and external, that cover up a broad variety of topics so that our employees can stay educated and enhance their knowledge.

Furthermore we offer language courses, like English, German and Polish, once that specific language is relevant for the respective position.

What is it that you actually do?


In short: we are a SaaS (software as a service) company in the field of Supply Chain Risk Management. Meaning that we monitor the news and supply chains of our customers at the same time to detect possible risks and therefore prevent supply bottlenecks. That is the shortest version we can give you, for more details look at:

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