Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at riskmethods

Christmas at riskmethods

A riskmethods (Christmas) carol…
The festive season has begun and while people are running to shop like crazy for presents, we are trying to make riskmethods a peaceful and festive place for our employees, filled with joy and laughter to start the last few weeks of the year. Overall, you spend so much time at work, why not do something special for the most beautiful season of the year and make work even more fun. Read below what Christmas time looks like at riskmethods. And by the way…we are already sorry for the songs that will be stuck inside your head after reading this…

By Julia Forbes, Specialist Talent Management & Employer Branding

On the first day of Christmas…

We started decorating our offices in the beginning of December. Each office is decorated in a different way, and each office has different ways of spending the holiday season.

In our Munich office we have a huge Christmas tree in our lounge room and another one in our Marketing Office. Both are shining and are decorated with classic ornaments and lights and little presents can be found beneath the trees. In our Wroclaw office we have three Christmas trees put up in several rooms to really spread the holiday fever in every room possible (in Wroclaw we love the festive season, obviously). In our Boston office we put up decoration and Christmas ornaments to make our free and open office space more festive and cozy. Ornaments and glitter can be found everywhere.

Mistletoe and wine…

As Cliff Richards already explains in his carol, “It’s a time for giving…”, for us riskbusters, the festive season is also the time to think about the people who have less, who suffer in the cold, who lack shelter, food and warmth. For that cause we are donating to people in need.

The Boston riskbusters have already used the occasion of Thanksgiving to donate to Bostons Greater Food Bank. They sent over money and food for people in need.

Our Munich riskbusters contributed to homeless people as well as women shelters, where women (and their children) who suffered violence by their families can find peace and shelter and start their life over again after experiencing violence at their homes.

Our riskbusters in Poland gifted as well and send money to a foundation for animals "Heart on paw", a foundation that rescues animals, gives them shelter and live the adopt-don`t-shop philosophy.

Santa Claus is coming to town…

Santa is coming to town or better to say, to our offices, gifting our riskbusters with trifles. Our Munich riskbusters received advent calenders on their desks, gifted by their respective managers. Wroclaw had a small Santas Day special, wearing santas hats all day on the 6th of November and finding chocolate filled santas on their desks.

The Boston office leveled up by having a Yankee Swap at their Christmas party, giving out presents to former riskbusters. While the little gifts vary from location to location, one thing that we all have in common is to share Christmas sweets throughout the December days, let it be cookies, cake or hot chocolate. Delicious food is guaranteed.

Rocking around the Christmas tree…

riskbusters can be found rocking around the tree on their Christmas parties. For the Christmas party in Wroclaw our Polish riskbusters went to a chique restaurant, wining and dining and went to a bar afterwards where they were entertained by two of our colleagues. Alicja and Wojciech are DJs in their free time and always know how to raise the mood on parties, by playing their own music.

Our Boston riskbusters rocked around the Christmas tree, singing karaoke with the most famous Christmas classics – you obviously can`t miss “Last Christmas” on such an occasion, right?! Singing Christmas carols was not enough to really catch the spirit of Christmas to the fullest. The Boston office was visited by our founder Heiko Schwarz, who dressed accordingly in an ugly Christmas sweater – Sorry Heiko

The Munich riskbusters went to a cabin in the woods, enjoyed pigling roasting by a high-class chef from Austria, roasted marshmallows on an open fire mixed with hot chocolate, to stay warm outside. Inside music played and people danced to Christmas hits in the party area, wearing Christmas sweaters and Christmas-themed socks.

All we want for Christmas….

… is to wish our readers a very merry holiday season, with lots of yummy cookies, fun times with your loved-ones and a relaxing time between the years. We want to thank you all for reading our Blog continuously, supporting us in what we love doing: giving our readers insights on how great working at riskmethods really is.


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