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With the Coronavirus being on everybody’s minds these days, we decided it’s time to take a step back and focus on the good things happening to us and the positive aspects that riskmethods-life has to offer these days. Let`s dive in what our different offices have experienced the last couple of weeks.


In the middle of February, while it was still responsible to travel, our new CEO, Patrik, went to visit our Boston office for the first time, and it was a real pleasure! Besides productive meetings with different departments, our Boston employees enjoyed a team lunch and had an amazing evening happy hour! Patrik was shown around town and even joined some riskbusters at a Celtics game. It was a blast showing him what our office in Boston is about and finally meeting him in person!

The special events didn’t stop there; we also hosted a baby shower for one of our riskbuster ladies here in Boston! Lisette, a member of our Customer Success Team is expecting to become a mom for the first time, and we threw her a baby shower that guided her right into the mom-spirit. To show her how excited we are for her, our riskbusters gifted her a diaper cake and various other baby items from a sustainable and eco-friendly company. We even played some baby-related games. It was a great celebration and we couldn`t be more excited for our mini-riskbuster to visit us as soon as possible!


In Wroclaw, we were able to celebrate two big happenings in the last few weeks! The first celebration was for hitting a huge milestone; our 40th Wroclaw riskbuster joined us in the beginning of March. Our Wroclaw Office grew tremendously the past months and will continue to grow throughout the year. To celebrate this huge milestone, we had an office party with a delicious cake, nice decorations and a few drinks.

That was not the only thing we celebrated. We combined the milestone of the 40th riskbuster with celebrating Martin, our Global Director of Talent & Culture and his three-year anniversary in the company, who happened to be visiting us on his special day! When Martin started three years ago, riskmethods was lacking a Talent Management Department. He built it up to where we are today: a global Talent & Culture Team of 8 riskbusters in total, taking care of new and old riskbusters worldwide.

Further, we enjoyed having Patrik visiting our office for the first time. It was great that he took the time and we could meet him personally. His stay was eventually finalized with a fancy team dinner, joined by the whole Wroclaw Office. What a great night it was!


In our Munich office, as well as in the other offices, we were especially happy about the amazing lunch we had for International Womens Day on March 8th. In each office, our riskmethods women were brought out to honor their work and open a new platform for all riskbuster-ladies to exchange. In Munich we enjoyed a special lunch, that was made with organic ingredients only. It’s always good to know that riskmethods takes good care of our health.

We engaged in conversations about the development of females in the workplace, womens’ rights and dove deeper into the topic of limiting bias in the recruiting process. In Munich we were accompanied by Martin, our Director of Talent and Culture, and Patrik, our CEO, who gladly listened to ideas the riskbuster ladies shared with them.

Furthermore, we hosted our first monthly Go-Team breakfast. During this meeting Finance and the Talent & Culture Department came together to discuss current topics in a relaxed atmosphere, rather than in a strict meeting structure. Sometimes, for brainstorming, such an environment is just what you need to start the day effectively.

Home Office

Currently, due to the Coronavirus crisis, all riskmethods employees are working from home. As a company built on avoiding risk, flattening the curve of infections and protecting the health of our riskbusters and society is top priority to us. As an international company with employees worldwide it is a given that we offer home office around the globe. This will ensure the best health for our employees and the best circumstances to prevent the spreading of infections for our riskbusters, as well as for the people around them. For riskmethods, this is not an option, but a necessity, to be socially responsible, nowadays even more than ever before.

Working from home can sound lonely, but we are making the best of it. We stay connected via our team channels, and have even implemented virtual coffee breaks, where we draw virtual lots and have riskbusters from different departments and locations come together via video chat to enjoy a coffee and chat. This way we can stay connected and show that we are still One Team, despite being spread apart.

By Julia Forbes, Specialist Talent Management & Employer Branding

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