How riskmethods made my career change possible


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Chapter 1: Where it all began

I was lucky enough to begin my journey with riskmethods long before it actually began. As confusing as that sounds, I started with riskmethods externally at a sales development consulting firm. I was lucky to land riskmethods as my client. And I knew I wanted to work for them internally as soon as I got started. Fast forward a few months and I was getting the offer to be hired out to become a riskbuster, a goal I had set, that myself and the team here made possible.

Chapter 2: Hello riskmethods

Soon enough, I was headfirst in all things riskmethods. The culture must be my favorite part, the people, the environment, everything just feels right, and I am so thankful I get to be a part of it. In a wfh (work from home) world, virtual meetings can be exhausting, but I can say that I never get tired of seeing my-coworkers faces on the screen every day. As a sales-development representative, you learn a lot, it’s tough, you constantly feel like you’re playing a game of cat and mouse, but I wouldn’t change getting that experience for the world. Deep down I just knew it wasn’t exactly for me, and I wanted a career change.

Chapter 3: The start of something new

I am happy I made it known what I wanted career wise very early on. I knew I wanted to transition to marketing, and I was going to do whatever it took to get there. Luckily, everyone at riskmethods took that into consideration and I got the opportunity to interview for an open position. It is funny how things work out sometimes. I took the chance and landed the spot I have wanted to be in since I began here. I am now the new marketing specialist here at riskmethods! So far, it’s been amazing, I feel like the team has trusted me and given me independence to learn and grow in ways that are beneficial for me. Every day I am tasked with something new, where I genuinely feel like I am contributing to the company’s journey, something I had hoped for.

Chapter 4: Where is “the end”?

I know what you’re thinking, you want some grand finale. A closing remark, final call, anything. For me, there is no end in sight anytime soon at riskmethods, only growth. Over the past year I have grown immensely, and I have to say that has to have been the most rewarding part. For starters I have learned more about supply chain risk management then I ever thought I would (not mad about it, another tool in my toolbox). More importantly I have learned what it takes to work as a team, as an individual, and to keep striving towards your goals because they are always obtainable if you set your heart on it.

By Caroline Tejeda

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