How to become an engaged riskbuster? – Part 1


At riskmethods’ Talent & Culture department we are currently standardizing, automating and streamlining processes, while still taking care of individual needs. Get an insight how your first 90 days at riskmethods can look like, from the first contact throughout your onboarding and how we make sure that you become an engaged riskbuster!

by Tanja Haider, HR & Talent Manager

Part 1: The start of my journey at riskmethods & what is happening behind the scences?

In this article we take a closer look at the application process from the perspective of a candidate (Frank) and from riskmethods’ Talent & Culture department.

The start of my journey at riskmethods

I am Frank and I saw the job post for an open position at riskmethods and applied.


After three business days, I received an invite to participate in a video application. I logged in to that website and was requested to answer three questions. As I have never done that before, I was nervous and excited, but I encouraged myself and gave it a try. The last question was about what I look forward to when going to work everyday. In my opinion this question is really meaningful and it shows me that the company wants to understand my motivation. It was fun and really unique for me and I had a good feeling about it after I submitted my three videos.

The Who Interview

The next day I received positive feedback from the Talent & Culture department and they invited me for an interview. I met a member of the Talent & Culture team and we talked about my recent job and previous experiences. They did ask me e.g. what I was hired for, what my biggest accomplishment was, about my performance and why I am open for a new position. We also clarified the expectations from both sides.

The Focus Interview

Soon after the first interview I received the invite for an in-depth personal interview in the office – Yay! I met my manager and the responsible Talent & Culture member. A practical test was also included. They asked me questions about challenging situations in my previous position. They also asked thought-provoking questions, e.g. about a time when I had to compromise my standards in order to achieve a goal. After the interview they showed me the office space and I met some riskbusters.

The offer

A few days after the focus interview they called me and made me a fair job offer. After I gained interesting insights about riskmethods and the position I happily took the chance and started my journey at riskmethods.

What is happening behind the scences?

I am Tanja and I work in the Talent & Culture department in Munich. I will share insights with you about our global recruiting process and explain to you, why we do what we do!

One-way-video-interview – convince us with your personality!

We decided to use One-way-video-interview to gain a first impression while you answer three questions via video. If you participate, you step out of your comfort zone and show us that you are spontaneous and flexible. These are important traits to adjust to market situations in a fast-growing environment, similar to what would face you when you start at riskmethods. This helps us to save time in the recruiting process.

The Who Interview – we are curious!

The main purpose of the who interview is to dive deep into the candidate’s working history and get the full picture about the facts stated in the CV. We will not just ask about your most recent job, but also about your previous ones. We are curious and you will hear many follow-up questions! What we would request from you at that stage is to ask us questions and we will set the expectations regarding the position and the process. After the conversation the first interview team will discuss in a so-called “Debrief Meeting“ the impressions and they will decide together, if the interview-process should continue.

The Focus Interview – we dig deep!

The first interview team will prepare the second interview team with insights from the previous conversation. The second team will be responsible for conducting a focused interview to dig into the identified area. For many positions we include a practical test, where you can show us your technical abilities. We will focus on the competencies and ask behavioral as well as hypothetical questions. This allows us to gather additional, more specific information. After the interview the second team will gather together and the impressions will be discussed. Together with the first interview team they will make a decision.

The offer

When we decide to hire you, we will inform you as soon as possible and prepare a fair offer, which takes into consideration the relevant professional experience for the position as well as the compensation structure inside your team and at riskmethods.

Curious to read, how it continues with Frank after he accepted the offer? Then watch out for our second part of the series “How to become an engaged riskbuster?” coming soon…

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