How to become an engaged riskbuster? – Part 2

How to become an engaged riskbuster? — Part 2

At riskmethods’ Talent & Culture department we are standardizing, automating and streamlining processes, while still taking care of individual needs. Get an insight how your first 90 days at riskmethods can look like, from the first contact throughout your onboarding and how we make sure that you become an engaged riskbuster!

by Tanja Haider, HR & Talent Manager

Part 2: My first 90 days at riskmethods & the onboarding process at riskmethods

In this article we take a closer look at the onboarding process from the perspective of a candidate (Frank) and from riskmethods’ Talent & Culture department.
My first 90 days at riskmethods

I am Frank and I will have my first day at riskmethods as an new employee soon.


Transition phase

My Manager as well as Talent stayed in contact with me until my first day and I felt welcomed and ready to start. They provided me with some information about the team and how my first day at riskmethods would look like.

My first day

On my first day, I met the team and my buddy. I received an onboarding plan for the upcoming 90 days from my Manager. Weekly 1on1s were scheduled already with my Manager and I got a lot of information and invites for team and company events.

I participated in the onboarding session of Talent & Culture and got some insights about the organization and how people work together here. I also got valuable information on riskmethods’ office life, culture and values.

My first weeks

I accomplished the needed Data Protection and IT Security training. Within my first weeks, I got an introduction about riskmethods by the founders Heiko & Rolf, listened to sessions from different departments and met internal stakeholders. I got an overview of our company-wide goals and understood the direction of riskmethods.

My first 90 days

The first three months as a riskbuster passed by so quickly and I have learned already a lot about my position and riskmethods. I had an official conversation with Talent & Culture about my onboarding phase at riskmethods and my impressions of the company after my first three months at riskmethods.

Thanks to my first successful 90 days at riskmethods, supported by Talent, I am all set up and ready to contribute to department goals. I enjoy working at riskmethods!

Happy riskbusting.

The onboarding process at riskmethods

I am Tanja and I work in the Talent & Culture department in Munich. I will share insights with you about our onboarding process and explain to you, why we do what we do!

Transition phase – we get ready for your start!

We hired Frank and transformed him from a “candidate” to a riskbuster. Therefore he shifts from our application tracking system to our HR operating system. This is when the automated, internal onboarding process starts: We take care of preparing the work equipment, your working place and collaborate closely with different departments like IT, Finance and Office Management. Each department gets its own notification and can manage their valuable time.

Frank’s Manager prepares a personalized, proper onboarding plan and assigns a buddy to him, to make sure that he feels welcomed, is quickly integrated in the new environment and to clarify expectations for both sides about his first months at riskmethods.

Your first day

Talent & Culture organizes an onboarding session for each month and invites Frank and other new hires. He gets access to Percipio, our learning development platform, and to Lattice, our performance review system.

Your first 90 days – we want your feedback!

As Frank is pretty busy on his first days we remind him, to fulfill his important onboarding “duties”, like accomplishing our mandatory training and listen to our pre-recorded onboarding sessions from each department.

After his first 90 days, it is time to “officially” speak about his onboarding phase. Frank is giving us valuable feedback that we take seriously, as we are always striving to improve!

We Think Big

At riskmethods we work in a fast-growing environment, with a scalable business model and live by the value “Think Big”. To be prepared for smart growth and as “We hate waste”, we have to automate, standardize and streamline processes while still taking care of individual needs from each of our employees and everyone else who gets in touch with us.

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