Same, same but different?


“I work in HR!”

“I work in Talent!”

You can hear both expressions from people who work in what seems like the same function. This can be confusing—we get that, which is why we want to bring you some clarification on the topic.

by Julia Forbes, Specialist Talent Management & Employer Branding

It’s all about the people

One of the major differences between Human Ressources (HR) and Talent is how each function deals with people, or more specifically, where they put their emphasis on people.

In HR, the search for candidates, the interviews, and the actual hiring are strongly focused stresses on hard skills the applicant brings along. As the expression “Human Resources” already implies, this department focuses on the workforce the applicant can contribute to the company.

The Talent Department not only seeks a qualified work-force – I mean, you have to look for people that are able to do the work, right?

However, Talent Teams look out more. They function with the belief that there is more to a person than the skills listed on their CVs or resumes. To the them, it is about how people can contribute to the job they have applied for. It`s about what drives them in their development and how the Talent Department can successfully partner with them in their career path. There is a focus on how a person can perform in their position, as well as how they might fit into the team and the company in the short and long run. The Talent Team considers what hard and soft competencies they can provide.

Duties may differ

Besides varying in focus, the internal structure of HR and Talent are different as well. While the HR department mainly emphasizes administrative work such as payrolls and hiring processes, the Talent Department deals with those tasks, and additionally on improving the talents of the organization.

Eventually, this leads to a different structure of the departments in the company. Because the Talent Department is not primarily focused on administrative work, it is important that the Talent Department is embedded broadly throughout the company. Only that way is the Team really able to support each and every department company-wide, maximizing its value contribution to each department`s and the company`s goals. Furthermore, this structure ensures that all employees needs are met and heard.

Please note that we do not intend to say that HR is purely operational. Boundaries might blur in different companies. However, in many cases, HR is simply for recruiting, hiring, and administering the right work force.

Here at riskmethods…

At riskmethods we have a Talent Team that takes care of our employees. The duties vary from payroll subjects, to team events, trainings and recruiting. At our company, the Talent Team has a deep understanding of the company, the values, the duties and what makes the company special and outstanding. With that knowledge, the Talent Team seeks new talents who can contribute—not only with their knowledge—but further with their personal experience and social being. For our Talent Team, it is important that the candidate applying for a position can not only complete their work, but furthermore, fits into the company to guarantee that we remain the international, open-minded and creative place that we are.

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