Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


Our mission in today’s fast changing business environment

riskmethods Group (hereinafter the “Company”) is a group of affiliated companies that empowers businesses of any size to master supply chain risk and create reliable supply networks by identifying, assessing, and mitigating supply chain risk.

We help companies automate and accelerate threat detection, enabling them to gain competitive advantage with a well-managed approach to meeting customer demands, protecting their reputation and reducing the total cost of risk.

We work in an innovative, adaptive, and agile manner on an important and globally impactful product. As such, we sustain superior performance and our position in the marketplace.

We transmit this value directly to our customers as we help businesses to face the challenges of the 21st century with confidence.

Why a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

This Code defines how we act on a day-to-day basis. It reflects our business operations, core values and overall culture. By acting according to the principles set out by this Code, we pursue fair, transparent, and lawful business operations.

This Code is not just a document. It is continually and consistently implemented, and is an integral aspect for influencing decisions, actions, and attitudes of all business activities. We are therefore strongly committed to conducting our business in accordance with the law and good business practices.

In the name of the Executive Board, Heiko Schwarz, CEO


Principles of Our Company


Diversity & inclusion

Responsible decision-making

High-quality solutions

Data privacy

Level playing field

Promotion of human rights





This is how we build a corporate culture on values that drive organizational excellence of our Company and help us achieve our mission.

Principles of Our company


We act honestly and truthfully and consistently adhere to moral and ethical values. We make our decisions to the best of our ability in all circumstances. As a global company, we respect the rule of law wherever we do business. In this way, we build trust in each individual and entity involved in our business and contribute to the communities in which we live and work. Finally, we promote the creation of a fairer and more sustainable society.

Responsible Corporate Governance

In our Company, responsibility is seen as a fundamental value. Therefore, we work proactively to ensure that we set and accomplish our goals by behaving in a transparent, lawful, and loyal manner. In this way, we ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability of our business activity.

Business Partnerships

Our business partners play an important role in our success and we consider them an asset of our Company. That is why we choose innovative partners with integrity. Consequently, we expect our business partners to be compliant with relevant laws and to apply generally accepted standards of good corporate governance such as corruption prevention, protection of human rights, promoting of safety and prohibition of child or forced labor.


The Company has zero tolerance for corruption. All business activities are clearly documented within our Company and filed in compliance with applicable laws to ensure transparency.

Promote Fair Competition

We are strongly committed to conducting our business activities in accordance with the law and fair business practices. We believe in selling our products and services on their merits and respect our competitors by refraining from unfair competition. We encourage our business growth with fairness relying on a “level playing field” principle.

Prevention of Money Laundering Activities

We encourage and accept only legitimate business activities. Therefore, we conduct business with reputable customers, and business partners with legitimate business activities. We will not conduct business with any Company that is or has been influenced or compromised by organized crime or terrorism.

Innovation & High-Quality Solutions

We take our role of empowering businesses and communities very seriously. To offer products of high quality that build resilient business for a better tomorrow, we invest a lot of effort in development and quality management, so that we meet the needs of our customers and improve our business processes. We develop innovative products and offer unique solutions to our customers. As a result, we deliver increased business efficiency and sustainability not only to our customers, but to every individual and entity involved in our business.

Intellectual Property

As an innovative Company, we place great value on our intellectual property rights. Accordingly, our Company expects that all employees protect these rights on a daily basis and refrain from any misuse. Furthermore, we protect our own innovative business ideas and intellectual property rights by encouraging our employees to contribute and participate in creating new inventions and new value. Alongside this, we fully respect intellectual property rights of our business partners, customers or any third party and protect these rights with the same degree of dedication as our own.

Confidential Information

We treat confidential and professional information respectfully and prudently. We protect confidentiality of our information, and protect any information related to our business partners or customers by using best practices on daily basis to prevent unauthorized disclosure.


We use world-class and reliable IT infrastructures in conjunction with confined-space concepts to ensure high protection of our business activity, especially protection of confidential information and personal data (PII).

Data Protection and Data Security

We are aware that the right to privacy shall be treated as a fundamental human right. Therefore, we use personal data only for the foreseen, legally acceptable purposes that have been agreed upon with our customers or any other data provided to us. We comply with the EU Data protection regulation as well as with any other local regulations to ensure compliance of data processing activities. Additionally, we insist that our business partners and suppliers uphold data protection regulations in accordance with applicable laws without exception.

Respect and Protection of Human Rights

This Code and Company’s policies are based on internationally agreed regulations and standards, such as the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s Core Conventions on Labour Standards.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

We are committed to equality, and to treating everyone with respect and promoting diversity in the workplace. As an equal opportunity employer, we provide the same opportunities for recruiting, hiring, advancement, remuneration, and benefits to everyone regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or other legally protected status.

Diversity and Inclusion

We know we do our best work and produce the best results when different voices and perspectives are heard. We aim to be not only diverse, but an inclusive and equitable place where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated. Guided by these values, we foster a unique working environment where everyone can thrive because of our differences.


We encourage reporting of any suspicious activity and we protect those who report wrongdoing or violation of laws. We especially encourage reporting of any activities that might have negative impact on fundamental human rights.

Protection of Our Environment

We are aware that by protecting the environment, we can contribute to a more sustainable society. Therefore, we expect from each employee to make every effort to protect the environment on a daily basis and act respectfully and responsibly towards the environment by avoiding waste and improving our processes.


In effect since November 2020

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