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Reporting of unethical, improper or non-compliant behavior is a worldwide accepted and encouraged practice that is supported by many laws to provide a safe harbor in case of reporting non-compliance or misconduct in connection with employment or business activity. 

Together with You, We want to promote the highest ethical standards and foster a supportive and pleasant workplace for everyone. For this reason, We encourage reporting of improper behavior or violations of riskmethods Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, violation of any other internal policies, or of the applicable laws (e.g. abuse of power, gross waste or fraud, bribery or corruption, harassment, discrimination, specific danger to health and safety). Our aim is to protect those who report a breach of law or similar concerns. Therefore, if You reasonably believe or suspect that there is a Concern that is potentially to be seen as an illegal behavior, You are encouraged to communicate this to any Managers you see fit and also use our internal reporting system as described below.


Please be aware that You have the right to speak up when something is not right!

When You raise Your concern:

  • We will listen carefully and act respectfully
  • We will treat reported concerns as highly confidential - the identity of anyone raising a Concern will be protected, furthermore the information provided will be used only as is necessary to investigate the Concern
  • We commit to clarify the concern and solve the problem
  • Every report will be investigated promptly, and appropriate action will be taken
  • We will not, nor knowingly permit any employee to retaliate in any way against (including any disciplinary action or dismissal) anyone raising a Concern in good faith
  • If a Concern is made in good faith and then later unsubstantiated, the identity of the person who raised the Concern, as well as the identity of the persons targeted by the Concern, will remain protected
  • The Concern will be reviewed and/or investigated by limited authorized personnel from Legal/Compliance and/or Talent & Culture to determine the appropriate steps for its assessment and investigation. The Concern will be shared internally and externally only as appropriate to conduct adequate assessment and investigation, in a strictly confidential manner, over a period of time proportionate to the circumstances and complexities of the Concern
  • The individual who raised the Concern will be notified when the Concern has been reviewed and informed when any relevant investigation is closed Concerns will be responded promptly, and investigations will be carried out with appropriate attention to timely resolution
  • The timeline for investigation will vary depending on the content and nature of the reported Concern
  • Any data related to a Concern will be destroyed, stored or archived in accordance with applicable laws, especially in accordance with the GDPR

Here are the options for the (anonymous) reporting of Your concern.

By Mail:

General Counsel/Compliance Officer


Chief Talent and Culture Officer

riskmethods GmbH

Balanstraße 49, 81669 Munich, Germany


By E-Mail:


Or by submitting the form below:

Additionally, You may always seek guidance from specific departments depending on the type of concern You have. E.g., questions or concerns relating to employment matters may be addressed with Your Talent & Culture department. Questions relating to fraud, violation of laws may be addressed to the General Counsel of the Company.

Please note that reporting options described here are not to be used to report individual employee concerns relating to routine employment matters or grievances regarding company business decisions. Those concerns may be raised with Your manager, Talent & Culture representative or CEO directly.

Bad Faith Allegations: Using the reporting options to make malicious or untrue allegations, or to repeatedly target an employee unfairly can be considered as acting in bad faith and disciplinary actions can be applied accordingly.

Thank you for speaking up!

If You would like to find out more about the reporting system and whistleblowing in general, please check the link below.

Whistleblowing Explained

Issued by: Legal & Compliance
Applicable: globally
Policy Approver: Executive Board
Effective: August 2021
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