Infographic: Top Supply Chain Risks

Jun 12, 2015    Rolf Zimmer


Everybody is talking about Supply Chain Risk Management!
But which risks are actually the most likely and which are the most impactful? According to the Global Risks Perception Survey 2014 (World Economic Forum), there are 4 risks featured in both categories: Water crises, interstate conflicts, failure of climate-change adaptation and unemployment or underemployment.
Notable: Interstate conflicts are not only the most likely global risk, but also the fourth most impactful. 

The second part of our infographic deals about which risks are perceived the most dangerous by companies and which risks actually lead to supply chain disruptions.

According to the information delivered by the Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, 58% of the participants said that natural catastrophes are the top risk in regard to supply chain disruptions. Natural catastrophes are also the second most feared risk by companies (41%).

But the most remarkable insight of the study is, that companies do not fear actual risks like globalization or political environment (second and third in the ranking of the risks that lead to disruptions). Instead, companies are more worried about supplier problems like insolvencies or other failures in delivery.
We hear these concerns about insolvencies and other supplier risks in many conversations, despite the fact that there are actually risks, that should worry companies a lot more.

And now we would like to ask you for your own experiences? Which supply chain risks do you fear the most? Join our discussion.






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