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Oct 19, 2016 | 11:00 AM EST

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Companies are increasingly exposed to pressure in terms of innovations and costs. As a result, companies often tap into new markets by outsourcing their value-added services. This results in complex, global supply networks which can bring a range of unknown risks. These risks must be identified and minimized at an early stage. Market leadership is therefore strongly determined by companies' ability to master these challenges, both now and in the future.

riskmethods' Supply Chain Risk Management Software was developed to help companies of any size and from any sector master supply chain risk management – in only a few days!

Transparency regarding suppliers, countries, Locations and hubs.

Weighted scorecard that covers all risk Areas

Automatic alerts via email or mobile app

Identification of critical risk objects

Pre-integrated risk intelligence data

Evaluation of criticality and extent of damage

  • Karl-Heinz Pöhlmann

    Group Vice President Supply Chain, Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik

    "We don't want to ignore or pretend that danger doesn't exist. We’ve set up a holistic SCRM approach with riskmethods in order to reduce risks and secure our output and profitability."

  • Eric Lynch

    Principal, Business Development - Spend Matters

    "Your technology is awesome and truly fun to use, and your thought leadership and best practices knowledge within your team provides a killer combination of value."

  • Josip T. Tomasevic

    Vice President & CPO, AGCO Corporation

    "Supply chain risk management is already a key topic in our global procurement strategy. We have now also received great encouragement and support from AGCO's top management thanks to the company winning the 'Excellence in eSolutions 2015' award."

  • Dr. Christoph Feldmann

    CEO, German Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics

    “In addition to an extremely short implementation time, no training was required for the easy to use solution. Adding a ROI within 12 months through targeted efficiency increases, this solution is not only innovative, but also a model we can recommend for other companies."

  • Peter Neumüller

    Senior Procurement Engineer, BELIMO Automation

    “Supply chain risk management along all tiers of the supply chain and across all relevant risks means further maturation of our procurement.“

  • Jürgen Schuhmacher

    Director of Strategic Procurement, Kardex

    ”We aim to tap into new potential by internationalizing our procurement. Using the Supply Risk Network enables us to protect our new, global supply chains from risks of any kind.”

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