MetalMiner - Metal Buying is Risky Business: Lessons From a CPO Who’s Seen it All


Most metal buying organizations understand that a strong risk management program is key to the success and longevity of the overall business. But how much of your company’s risk prevention plan relies on crossed fingers versus metrics, set strategies, and insight? 


In this webinar, Lisa Reisman of MetalMiner gives a broad overview of how metal buying organizations are staying smart on risk, and interviews seasoned CPO, Ron Wilson of Wilbur Curtis who shares his insights on:


  • How middle market manufacturers are developing comprehensive risk management programs for both direct material categories as well as indirect spend
  • How companies create scenarios, contingency plans and model risk mitigation initiatives based on common forms of risk
  • How to develop a risk management program that all internal stakeholders can be excited about 
  • Making a business case for risk
  • What factors lead to the deployment of a risk management solution
  • Creating a “risk-aware” procurement environment across the entire business unit


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