Husqvarna Group: Supply Chain Risk Management – tips and insights


Procurement and supply chain organizations have a new ally in their fight to mitigate risk with their suppliers and across their supply chain networks: Supply Chain Risk Management. How are today’s most innovative and cutting-edge companies using Supply Chain Risk Management to mitigate risk? Husqvarna has been successfully introduced their supply chain risk management program to get insight into vulnerability in the supply chain, criticality to the business and build a competitive advantage.

Download the webinar with Benjamin A. Sutherland, Program Manager Group Sourcing at Husqvarna Group and riskmethods founder Heiko Schwarz to learn:

  • How can risk mitigation strategies help you prevent supply chain disruptions, maintain compliance, ensure quality and give you a leg up on the competition?
  • In what ways can real transparency in your end-to-end supply chain provide unprecedented visibility into risk lurking in your supply chain network?
  • How do you integrate risk management seamlessly into the existing organizational systems and processes?
  • To what extent does big data and artificial intelligence fuel the next generation of risk management?


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