riskmethods/Atos: riskmethods gains Atos Consulting as strategic partner

Atos and riskmethods secure worldwide supply chains

August 2, 2013

riskmethods/Munich, dated 08-02-2013  – Atos Deutschland relies on the cloud-based SaaS solution Social Supply Risk Network from riskmethods, the technological market leader in the risk analysis of global supply chains. As part of its all-inclusive consulting approach in the area of supply chains, Atos is consequently increasing its range of offers in Germany by an including an innovative solution for the risk analysis of global supply chains and networks. In this way, Atos customers receive technology and process consulting services, project and change management services, implementation services and technology from a single source.

“Classic consulting often ends with the tool selection. This results in a type of implementation gap, as the entire optimization potential can frequently not be completely exploited. The amalgamation of Atos and riskmethods means that customers are provided a solution that allows them to see risks in supply chains and to detect risks on an ongoing and early basis,” explains Rolf Zimmer, founder, head of development and general manager at riskmethods GmbH.

This universal solution approach has also convinced responsible key players at Atos Germany. “Our customers are demanding and expect us to come up with new, innovative solutions, together with a high degree of expertise. Our mandate is to increase their efficiency, to secure and maximize their business results and to align internal business processes in a sustainable way,” confirms Roland Wolff, partner and manager at Atos Consulting Germany.

The value-add of this partnership clearly lies in the synergies of the end-to-end project and business process management expertise of Atos Consulting and the benefits of supply chain risk management supported by riskmethods.

By using an all-inclusive solution approach, from the actual analysis to tool-based risk evaluation, right up to lasting implementation of a supply chain risk management process, the Atos Consulting advisors ensure the securing of the supply chain and enable effective anchoring of the process in the customer organization.

The resultant benefits for the customers lead to:

· Easy visualization of risks in complex supply chains up to the n-tier

  • Decreased response time in case of events

· Increased resilience of the supply chain

· Secure basis for future decisions relating to awarding of contracts

This process is supported by a social network component for sharing current information on risks (Shareconomy) by way of the SaaS solution from riskmethods.

Every participant can add and receive current risk information in the network. This information is verified for relevance with additional risk-based data from third-party sources on a client-specific basis and is distributed in the system accordingly. This leads to a new type of network intelligence, which provides additional transparency on the relevant risk situations. As several thousand suppliers in the network are meanwhile being scrutinized in risk monitoring, there is a high, ever-increasing possibility of overlap for every additional network participant.

The strategic partnership with Atos Germany allows for an innovative, new solution that will lead to success, thanks to competent consulting.

The wide range of implementation options of Social Supply Risk Network means that it can be used even in varying levels of maturity of procurement or logistics activities. “Observing the most important supply flows with varying priorities enables risk classification to be adapted to the requirements of the customer’s supply chain,” adds Wolff.

“There is an enormous bandwidth. Important factors here are the international scope, high scalability and associated high degree of flexibility of consulting and implementation services with which Atos is able to secure its customers’ supply chains,” says Heiko Schwarz, founder, general manager and head of marketing at riskmethods, and adds: “We see the opportunity for these services to set a standard in the global procurement and supply chain market when combined with our technology.”

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About riskmethods
As the technological market leader in cloud-based supply chain risk management solutions, riskmethods provides support for companies in the risk analysis of their supply chains. Its SaaS solution "Social Supply Risk Network", which was developed in Germany, combines the latest software technologies, best-practice content and innovative services into a comprehensive analysis tool. This allows sales and market shares to be secured and enables long-term protection of the corporate image. In addition, less effort is required for procuring borrowed capital, business interruption insurance becomes accessible and certifications such as ISO 28000 are simplified.