riskmethods extends their sustainability and compliance monitoring with new Risk Intelligence Add-on

riskmethods enhances Supply Chain Risk Management Solution with Sustainability and Compliance Monitoring from IntegrityNext

June 5, 2018

riskmethods / Munich, June 05, 2018 - riskmethods, a market leader in supply chain risk management, announces a Risk Intelligence Add-on to ensure compliance, enable customers to protect their brand and avoid penalties. The Add-on: “IntegrityNext Sustainability and Compliance KPIs” is delivered via an integration with the IntegrityNext platform.

Many companies struggle with transforming sustainability requirements from international regulators and even their own guidelines into processes and systems. The new Add-on “IntegrityNext Sustainability and Compliance KPIs” allows companies to gain control of these requirements by combining insights from supplier self-assessments and social media analytics in IntegrityNext with riskmethods’ AI driven active monitoring and end-to-end supply chain risk management process.  

“The Risk Intelligence Add-on based on IntegrityNext allows us to extend our risk coverage within the area of sustainability and compliance with risk indicators such as anti-bribery, environmental protection, human rights & labor, health & safety, quality management, conflict minerals and cyber security,” Heiko Schwarz, Founder and Managing Director of riskmethods. “We’re also excited about the real-time social media monitoring capability of IntegrityNext, which monitors public opinion and sentiment of supply chain actors, a critical reputational risk to companies.” Heiko Schwarz added.

"The integration with the riskmethods solution allows our customers to seamlessly embed their suppliers´ sustainability and compliance KPIs of IntegrityNext in the holistic supply chain risk view, impact assessment and mitigation processes of riskmethods.” Martin Berr-Sorokin, CEO and Founder IntegrityNext. 

The ready-made Risk Intelligence Add-on also allows companies to adhere to international standards such as UN Global Compact, OECD, ISO, GRI and many more.


About riskmethods 

riskmethods provides an award-winning Supply Chain Risk Management solution - from profiling and monitoring risk, to assessing supplier business impact, to mitigating supplier risk.  Based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the riskmethods solution fuels the supply chain risk management programs of leading enterprises around the globe.  
With a digitized end-to-end supply risk network, our customers are able to make better decisions and achieve first-mover advantage in the face of threats. The instant visibility into emerging risk exposure helps customers assure supply, maintain compliance and protect their revenue and reputation.


About IntegrityNext 

IntegrityNext is a cloud-based platform that covers all major aspects of sustainability and compliance requirements, allowing companies to instantly monitor thousands of suppliers with minimal administration. The platform brings together pre-built supplier compliance assessments and real-time social media monitoring in a user-experience driven solution that covers international standards. For more information, visit