riskmethods: US magazine "Supply & Demand Chain Executive" bestows "Pros to Know 2015" title on Heiko Schwarz for his forward thinking in the area of supply chain risk management

riskmethods founder named 2015 “Pro to Know”

February 26, 2015

riskmethods / Munich, February 26, 2015 riskmethods, technological market leader in the risk analysis of global supply chains, today announced that Heiko Schwarz, managing director and co-founder of riskmethods, has been named a 2015 "Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, a leading supply chain publication.The publication has been presenting exceptional and selected experts from the logistics and material science sectors with this award for 15 years. "Pros to Know" prepare companies for the demanding challenges associated with global supply chains by way of innovative solutions and ideas. Heiko Schwarz from riskmethods has been honored with the "Pro To Know Award" for his forward thinking on the topic of supply chain risk management. With riskmethods' SaaS solution "Supply Risk Network", Schwarz provides companies an essential tool for proactive monitoring and analysis of risks along global supply chains. The tool enables companies to sustain their ability to supply, to avoid sales shortfalls, to ensure compliance and to protect their corporate image.

The "Pros to Know" is an award bestowed upon exceptional logistics experts who, through their commitment and expertise, help their customers keep up with the enormous challenges associated with a global market characterized by constantly changing supply conditions and risks. In the main, this includes the speed of globalization, combined with transnational outsourcing of production, as well as the complexity and intricacy of multi-tier supply chains. Leading US supply chain publication "Supply and Demand Chain Executive" has been presenting this award to both OEMs and solution providers for 15 years.

"I'm particularly pleased with this award," explains Heiko Schwarz, riskmethods co-founder and managing director, "as it is an acknowledgment of our joint work and efforts in further developing our SaaS solution 'Supply Risk Networks' and confirmation of the importance of implementing risk management for supply chains."

Schwarz, together with his partner Rolf Zimmer, came up with the idea of the "Supply Risk Network", a comprehensive SaaS solution that maps risks in respect of suppliers, locations and hubs along the entire multi-tier supply chain, and also provides customers with valuable financial, credit, environmental, CSR and other information.

‘Supply Risk Network’ offers an all-inclusive methodology for complete and continuous risk monitoring, so as to avoid risks through risk prevention and minimize the extent of damage in the event of unavoidable risks.

"As such, we have developed a unique selling point in the market. Our ‘Supply Risk Network’ solution provides our customers with a comprehensive overview of specific risks, not only in terms of 1st tier suppliers, but also as regards upstream supply chains – and this in the shortest possible time, usually even within a day. As a result, the 'Supply Risk Network' is convincing customers in Europe and in the USA to protect their supply chains and to safeguard supply," adds Schwarz.

About Heiko Schwarz:
Heiko Schwarz has been active in various areas of the strategic procurement market for more than 10 years. As an expert in supplier lifecycle management and risk management, Schwarz has supported procurement organizations with their projects and transformations for reducing costs, improving performance and minimizing risks. Together with his former colleague at IBM and Emptoris, Rolf Zimmer, Schwarz founded riskmethods, a SaaS company. As a result of the joint expertise of the two founders, riskmethods has become a key player in risk monitoring of global supply chains, besides being a technological market leader.

About riskmethods:
riskmethods provides companies with a comprehensive supply chain risk management solution for proactive monitoring and assessment of risks in the supply chain. Potential risks are detected at an early stage, which means that proactive steps can be taken to ensure that the ability to supply is not compromised, that compliance is maintained and that the corporate image is not jeopardized. The SaaS solution “Supply Risk Network”, which was developed in Germany, combines state-of-the-art technology and innovative provision of risk intelligence into a leading standard for supply chain risk management.

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