Informed as early as possible about risks and catastrophes via Push message to a mobile – riskmethods introduces first app for supply chain risk management to the market

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March 4, 2014

riskmethods / Munich, 04 March 2014 – The innovative iPhone app from riskmethods, the technological market leader for risk analysis of global supply chains, enables monitoring risks along multi-tier supply chains directly via a smartphone for the first time. User-friendly and easy-to-operate, the app provides companies with an interactive world map that includes risk events and supplier relationships, plus risk analysis. A Push message to your iPhone about risks and important events in the supply chain now offers even simpler options for monitoring risks as early as possible – everywhere and any time. In addition, you can conveniently request risk research on locations and supply links by means of a “finger tip”. riskmethods will be presenting this app to the public for the first time at the BME eLösungstagen (BME eSolution Days) in Düsseldorf from 25 – 26 March 2014.


Be it natural catastrophes, political unrest, insolvencies, strikes or compliance breaches –risks along the supply chain are many and varied, and often occur quickly and unexpectedly. But which risks are relevant, and how do you ensure that you are fully in the picture at a very early stage when it comes to risks and catastrophes along the multi-tier supply chain?

To avoid risks constituting nasty surprises with serious consequential losses, riskmethods has developed the “Supply Risk Network”. “Our SaaS solution monitors our customers’ global supply chains across numerous countries, locations and suppliers around the clock, by way of its risk radar. It therefore stood to reason to ensure even greater convenience in this regard and to facilitate data access for our customers by means of an app,” explains Rolf Zimmer, Managing Director at riskmethods.

The riskmethods app contains an interactive world map that clearly displays relevant suppliers, supplier relationships as well as locations and countries, plus risk analysis. “In the event of a risk, a Push message is sent to the iPhone. This message not only contains detailed information on the risk itself, but also on all affected suppliers, locations or countries, to enable implementation of appropriate preventive actions in good time,” adds Rolf Zimmer. In addition, risk research, a research service for riskmethods customers, can be requested via the app by means of a “finger tip”.

riskmethods will be introducing the app to industry professionals for the first time worldwide at the BME eLösungstagen in Düsseldorf on 25 March 2014 as part of the “Innovative Supply Risk Management” presentation.

About riskmethods
riskmethods provides companies with a comprehensive supply chain risk management solution for proactive monitoring and assessment of risks in the supply chain. An early warning system for potential risk ensures that proactive steps can be taken to avoid supply interruption, enforce compliance and protect the corporate image. The SaaS solution "Social Supply Risk Network", which was developed in Germany, combines state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge provision of risk intelligence, to establish a leading standard in supply chain risk management