riskmethods: Supply Risk Network extended by risk monitoring of logistics hubs

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August 5, 2014

riskmethods / Munich, 05 August 2014 – The SaaS solution Supply Risk Network from riskmethods, the technological market leader for risk assessment of global supply chains, is being extended by risk monitoring of logistics hubs, such as ports, airports and transshipping terminals. This enables customers to receive important risk information on regional, geopolitical, meteorological, economic and other conditions related to the location of these logistics hubs, in addition to supplier and location risks. In this manner, direct impact on production and the net product as a result of risks that have occurred can be identified, and risk monitoring along the global supply chain ensured.

An efficient flow of goods is the essence of a company’s production and net product. Your risk monitoring ensures not only your own production but also jobs and the ability to supply, as well as the image and sales of your organization.


riskmethods’ customers are already able to monitor risks related to their locations and countries, in addition to supplier risks. This risk monitoring can now easily be extended to include the most important logistics hubs in the world, such as ports, airports, nodes and transshipping terminals, which account for around 90% of global freight traffic. The Munich-based company has identified 52 of these strategic hubs in this regard. After all, a strike at the Rotterdam port or Hong Kong airport, political turmoil that can affect routes such as the Suez Canal or the Bosporus Strait, or an earthquake that destroys road networks or bridges not only potentially impacts on the supply situation of organizations affected, but can also result in a total production shutdown.

360°-degree data collection and analysis of these key logistics hubs and choke point regions consequently allow for even faster and more accurate determination of risk factors, which in turn means that risks along the entire supply chain are recognized at an early stage and countermeasures can be initiated.

“Natural disasters, social unrest and a lack of resources have shown us again and again in the last years how sensitive supply chains in a globalized world are,” says Rolf Zimmer, Managing Director at riskmethods.

No supply chain can be 100% secure; for corporate success, however, it is critical to be informed about all types of risk events along the entire supply chain - both in terms of prevention and timing - and to be able to act accordingly. “By providing these key logistics hubs and choke point regions in the Supply Risk Network at no charge, riskmethods is once again helping its customers, in an easy and uncomplicated way, to recognize supply chain risks at an early stage, and is thereby contributing significantly to safeguarding the company’s success,” continues Zimmer.

About riskmethods
riskmethods provides companies with a comprehensive supply chain risk management solution for proactive monitoring and assessment of risks in the supply chain. An early warning system for potential risk ensures that proactive steps can be taken to avoid supply interruption, enforce compliance and protect the corporate image. The SaaS solution "Social Supply Risk Network", which was developed in Germany, combines state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge provision of risk intelligence, to establish a leading standard in supply chain risk management