Risk mitigation through continuous monitoring with an early warning system

  •   Reduced response time of 1.5 days when a risk event hits
  •   Prevention of penalty payments of 200,000.00 USD per crisis situation
  •   Time savings of > 50 hours per employee/year through automated data capture

Comprehensive analyses enable risk prevention

  •   Avoidance of price increases of up to 16% per crisis situation
  •   Prevention of loss of sales of up to 3%
  •   Protection of reputation and shareholder value losses of up to 2.82%

Identify potential disruption resulting from critical supply chains

  •   Transparent decisions regarding (new) contract awards, including risk analysis
  •   Optimized supply chain planning
  •   Improved insurance coverage; up to 50% reduction in premiums

Download Study: ROI of Supply Chain Risk Management