Currency Exchange Monitor - Know when Fluctuations in Currency Exchange Rates Will Impact Your Bottom-Line

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can be significant factors for the cost of goods you purchase and as a result can have unintended impacts both positive and negative to your corporate profitability. As supply chains grow longer and more complicated, your global supply base is more exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates adding to the growing list of procurement risks. It’s within this context that procurement and supply chain professionals now operate with a mandate to monitor and to protect against fluctuations in exchange rates.

riskmethods´ Currency Exchange Monitoring add-on is a valuable extension for Risk Radar customers. It actively monitors fluctuations in currency exchange rates and informs of any changes that exceed your configured thresholds.


Key Capabilities:

  • Monitors an unlimited number of currencies
  • Customer-configured setting of base currency
  • The fluctuation threshold for each currency can be set individually
  • Monitoring of both negative and positive changes to exchange rate
  • Currency exchange indicator updates in the Risk Scorecard for all relevant risk objects being monitored e. g. suppliers and customers
  • If a currency exchange rate exceeds specified threshold you are alerted


The daily monitoring of currency exchange rates makes it possible to react quickly and to take necessary measures.

  • Ensure that there are no surprises and you are not caught unaware
  • Reduce efforts of information collection and assessment
  • Protect the profit margin of your company
  • Take advantage of a drop in value of a supplier’s local currency