riskmethods Integration Tools – Seamlessly integrate risk data

riskmethods is keenly aware that the risk profiles contained within our solution are instrumental in driving better decisions across a host of enterprise processes including sourcing, supplier management, quality and logistics.

Our solution has been built to enable a seamless integration to these processes and their enabling systems via fully discoverable APIs and support for embedding our visualization of supply networks in other applications.



The APIs provide for automation of data exchange between riskmethods and any application or analytic solution

  • Create, modify and delete suppliers and supplier profiles
  • Allow the retrieval of all risk indicators and overall scores
  • Create, modify and delete categories


More information and technical details can be found here: https://developer.riskmethods.net


Our widgets enable the embedding of the riskmethods interactive world map into other application user interfaces. The interactive world map visualizes end-to-end supply chains including tier-1 suppliers, warehouses, transportation hubs, supply routes and sub-tier suppliers. Color-coding enables the ability to quickly ascertain threats and potential problem nodes. Super-pins allow the user to customize the view to match their analytic focus.


More information and technical details can be found here: https://widgets.riskmethods.net




  • The ease of integration of suppliers and their profiles along with category information means your risk profiles and monitoring will always be aligned with your latest supply base composition and organizational preferences to keep your visibility current.
  • The integration of risk scoring into your enterprise analytic platforms and processes ensures that risk is receiving its proper place in your decision-making leading to a more risk-aware enterprise and building more resilience.
  • The ability to deliver visibility to risk in any easily consumable manner across many applications widens the audience and brings more awareness to risks in your supply chain.