riskmethods TV - A broadcast of your Supply Chain Risk

riskmethods TV broadcasts the current risk landscape of your supply chain to a television or monitor, bringing immediate transparency to your current risk profile in an easily digestible mass viewing format.

Many procurement and Supply chain teams are challenged to build broader organizational momentum for risk programs along with the traditional challenge of tangibly demonstrating the value of their impact beyond savings. riskmethods TV is a highly visible tool that can be deployed in situation rooms and boardrooms to help overcome these challenges.

A visualization of your n-tier supply chain, with active risk hotspots highlighted, provides an intuitive and easily consumable visual representation of risk. Active events are highlighted in a newsfeed format in a ticker to demonstrate the information that is feeding your risk profile. The critical objects in your supply chain e. g. supplier sites, your production facilities and transportation hubs are shown on the basis of a traffic light system that summarizes the current risk profile.

riskmethods TV: Overview of Key Capabilities

  • Fly through your global supply chain as the app traverses and zooms into relevant events according to your configured thresholds
  • Simple activation through Apple TV
  • riskmethods TV comprises your interactive world map with visualizations of the end-to-end supply chain
  • Color-coded presentation of your suppliers, transportation hubs, supply paths and risk zones
  • Your current risk alerts are shown on a news ticker (with details such as creation date, title and the number of affected risk objects)
  • Risk information is updated continuously as new information is processed

Your benefit

  • Build awareness of the comprehensiveness of your risk program
  • Visually appealing presentation of risk information along your worldwide supply chain: always current and easy to understand
  • Bring supply chain risk into your enterprise risk situation-room