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  • Test drive all software modules: End-to-end supply chain visualization on a world map, risk scorecard, impact assessment scenarios, mitigation plans and reports for risk analysis

  • Receive alerts on risk events happening around the world

  • Gain inherent risk profiles based on pre-connected risk data sources

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Why riskmethods?


Receive a competitive advantage when a crisis hits with our early warning system.


With inherent risk profiles, impact assessment and risk mitigation capabilities


With end-to-end visualization of the supply chain for immediate understanding of risk impact


With a hassle-free and fun-to-use user experience


We are now able to perform easy electronic searches to find out when our suppliers were experiencing hardships so that we could plan accordingly. This drastically increased visibility into the supply chain and minimized the impact of any issues that would have been previously unforeseen. The real time updates have preserved on-time deliveries, save the company serious money, and kept its product line humming.


Ron Wilson, Wilbur Curtis

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