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Risk: The Next Opportunity For Procurement To Extend Its Value
Thursday, October 26, 2017
05:00 pm CET, 11:00 am EST

Amy Fong, The Hackett Group
Bill DeMartino, riskmethods

Join our 45-minute webinar with The Hackett Group to learn how Procurement can enhance their reputation within their organization and provide proof of the value that it delivers.

Looking for past webinars? Here are our recordings:

Accenture & riskmethods Combine Strategy Consulting & Digital Technology to Provide Swift Value with The Risk Visibility Solution

Heiko Schwarz, riskmethods
Francois-Xavier Bourbigot, Accenture

See how riskmethods and Accenture are partnering to help enterprises protect their profits, market share, and turn risk into competitive advantage with our innovative Risk Visibility Solution.

Fast-tracking your Organizations Efforts to Protect your Supply Chain

riskmethods, ISM and The Hackett Group

See how Supply Chain Risk Management can build a business case and win over stakeholders.

Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk: How to Prevent Avoidable Risk & Mitigate the Unavoidable

Peter Smith, Spend Matters
Heiko Schwarz, riskmethods

Join our 30-minute webinar with Spend Matters' Peter Smith to learn why you should move out of your supply chain risk comfort zone, face risk head-on and mitigate the disruption.

Augment your Supply Chain Data like a Pro: Best Practices from a Leading Worldwide Automotive Enterprise

Bill DeMartino, riskmethods
Chris Dawson, Dana Incorporated

Join our 45-minute webinar and see how Dana added external data sources to their risk management process for a 360-degree view of their supply chain risk.

5 Tips in 30 minutes: Moving beyond finance-centric risk analysis

Bill DeMartino, riskmethods

5 ways to move beyond financial risk in 30 minutes.

5 Tips in 30 minutes: Which Comes First, SRM Or Supply Chain Risk Management?

Bill DeMartino, riskmethods

If you are trying to determine how to build momentum and buy-in for your efforts to improve the quality and reliance of your supply, you have come to the right place.

Metal Buying is Risky Business: Lessons From a CPO Who's Seen it All

Lisa Reisman, MetalMiner

Get a broad overview of how metal buying organizations are staying smart on risk.

Supply Chain Risk Management – tips and insights from Husqvarna Group

Heiko Schwarz, riskmethods
Benjamin A. Sutherland, Husqvarna Group

See how Supply Chain Risk Management can prevent your business from dangers. 

Big Data to the Rescue: Overcoming the lack of visibility to the threats lurking in your supply chain

Bill DeMartino, riskmethods
Kasia Katrycz, riskmethods

Risk Intelligence employs Big Data techniques utilizing (un)structured data and artificial intelligence.