Deep Dive: Supply Chain Risk, Business Continuity and Resilience 101


Risk management, BCM and resilience - oh my! Each of these are fundamentally different, but supply chain disruptions can impact all three. So, what exactly does this mean for your organization? To explain how your suppliers' factor into each part of your strategy, we will take a deep dive into the differences between risk management processes, business continuity management and the resilience of your enterprise.

Join keynote speaker Dr. Arash Azadegan from Rutgers University and Bill DeMartino from riskmethods for the first session of riskmethods SCRM Summer School to learn how you can optimize your current strategy and drive your business forward.

In part one of this series you will learn:

  • The key differences between business continuity management, risk management and resilience
  • How BCM affects operational and financial performance
  • And, real-life examples of how industry leaders successfully manage their supply chain

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Dr. Arash Azadegan Associate Professor – Supply Chain Management at Rutgers University
Bill DeMartino Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA

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