The Ripple Effect: Supply Chain Disruption Impacts to Your Business 201

In part one of riskmethods SCRM Summer School we talked about what exactly supply chain disruptions are and how suppliers can influence three key parts of your business strategy, but what happens when one of the links in your supply chain inevitably breaks? Disruptions in your supply chain can send a ripple effect across your enterprise taking a toll on overall business performance.

Join keynote speaker Arash Azadegan from Rutgers University and Bill DeMartino from riskmethods for the second session of riskmethods’ SCRM Summer School to learn how a holistic supply chain risk management strategy will help you mitigate damages to your business.

In part two of this series you will learn:

  • How supply chain disruptions can damage your businesses reputation, profits and employee morale
  • Why you should use cross-functional integration (CFI) in your business continuity management plan
  • And, the journey enterprises embark on to achieve a holistic strategy

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Dr. Arash Azadegan Associate Professor – Supply Chain Management at Rutgers University
Bill DeMartino Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA

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