Managing Risk in the Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain

For greater resilience

You can't possibly actively monitor all the risk in your supply chain. But we can.

A&D manufacturers procure from thousands of highly specialized suppliers, contractors, and third parties, many of which have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you avoid disruption, drive efficiency, and protect your margins? By digitizing your supply chain risk management.

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Three Reasons Why Your A&D Supply Chain Is at Risk

How Our Customers Master Supply Chain Risk


“The riskmethods Solution is a key element of our supply chain risk management, and it has enabled us to deliver impressive results overall. We’ve shortened lead times by 64%, improved production quality by 27% and increased savings by 53%.

James Klotz, Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing, Douglas Dynamics

Why Manage Risk with The riskmethods SolutionTM?


Be risk aware

Know your risk exposure. Regulatory, cyber, geopolitical – understand threats to your supply chain.


React faster

Protect your margins. With real-time warnings, you are first to respond to shortfalls or quality issues.


Be proactive

Ensure business continuity. Streamline proactive risk mitigation for more resilient supply chains.

Use a Total View of Risk to Overcome Your Supply Chain Challenges


Risk #1: Sole-Source Suppliers

It's impossible to completely eliminate sole-source suppliers from your supply chain

Challenges: The A&D industry relies heavily on specialized suppliers, vendors, and third parties. An issue at just one of these hard-to-replace suppliers can disrupt the entire supply chain and halt your production. This risk is further emphasized by COVID-19, which has hit commercial aviation hard, weakening many of these businesses.

With The riskmethods Solution, you can:

  • Gain predictive insights through early warning signs, so you can take action at first sign of a business partner’s financial distress
  • Get at-a-glance understanding of which suppliers or vendors are most critical
  • Identify which mitigation actions have the biggest potential to protect your business

Risk #2: Cyberattacks

According to riskmethods data, supply chain cyberattacks rose nearly 150% in 2020

Challenges: A&D are among the most-targeted industries. Cybercriminals often seek entry through the supply chain. Despite advanced cybersecurity and supply chain cyber risk awareness, threats to supply chains are evolving rapidly.

With The riskmethods Solution, you can:

  • Benefit from AI technology that detects news of supply chain data breaches in real time
  • Assess your third parties’ cybersecurity ratings so you stay on top of what’s happening in your network
  • Define action plans in advance so you can react quickly when a data breach occurs

Risk #3: Compliance

As regulation in the A&D industry expands, ensuring compliance throughout your supply base is no easy task

Challenges: An A&D supply chain involves thousands of suppliers, sub-tier suppliers, vendors, and contractors in a complex global and diverse ecosystem. A&D companies must ensure adherence to compliance in their supply network, or could face strict penalties.

With The riskmethods Solution, you can:

  • Monitor your entire supply network, including sub-suppliers, for compliance risk. This includes regulations covering where companies may source from
  • Get risk profiles including compliance indicators such as sustainability, work practices, cybersecurity
  • Act fast on compliance issues in your network thanks to sub-tier visibility, real-time monitoring, and mitigation plans

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