Managing Risk in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain

Leading makers of consumer goods achieve greater supply chain transparency, and have accurate, relevant, need-to-know risk information in one place. Learn why Sub-Zero recommends The riskmethods Solution™.

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Fierce competition, thin margins, short product lifecycles, demand spikes, sustainability issues. In the consumer goods industry, delays or brand distrust can quickly send customers elsewhere. Manage your supply chain risk for competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Top Three Challenges for Consumer Goods Supply Chains

How Our Customers Master Supply Chain Risk

“The riskmethods Solution notified us about a fire at a supplier location 1 ½ weeks before we received the official notice from the supplier! Only through this advance warning could we react fast enough to avoid interrupting our production.”

Christian Thuesing, Leader Investment Purchasing, Vorwerk

Why Manage Risk with The riskmethods Solution?


Be risk aware

Secure your margins. Get a total view of risk to make your supply chains more resilient


React faster

Gain competitive advantage. Ensure business continuity and meet customer demands


Be proactive

Protect your brands. Proactively reduce risk and ensure sustainability in your supply network

Use a Total View of Risk to Overcome Your Supply Chain Challenges


Challenge # 1: Pressure on Margins


Bain research found that consumer goods companies can expect margins to shrink by as much as 30% by 2030. Rising supply chain costs is the key reason for margin loss

Challenge: Already thin margins will further decline as competition gets more intense and global supply chain costs rise. Driving the cost increase is the need to offer customized products and serve diverse channels, all of which increase complexity and risk.

With The riskmethods Solution, you protect your margins by mastering risk in your supply network:

  • Learn about emerging issues in your supply chain, so you can address risk before it materializes, and avoid unplanned costs
  • Receive real-time information on all types of risk, so you can react faster to avoid supply chain disruption – then you can deliver when others can’t, and stay ahead of the competition
  • Have the ready-made tools you need to streamline reactive and proactive mitigation, so you can be sure to meet your customers’ demands

Challenge # 2: Resilience and Agility

Speed, agility, and resilience. Consumer product manufacturers want greater supply network resilience, yet must avoid putting further pressure on margins

Challenge: Consumer goods have comparatively short product lifecycles. A delay can make the product obsolete by the time it becomes available. And consumers are quick to buy alternatives. Manufacturers aim for efficient supply chains, yet lack of resilience is often the price.

With The riskmethods Solution, you make your supply network more resilient:

  • Get a total view of risk. Identify any irregularities among suppliers or third parties in real time, and proactively ensure business continuity and on-time delivery
  • No matter how complex your supply chain is, get transparency on the risk status of your (sub)suppliers, vendors, and customers. Understand how risks impact your business, and identify negative trends. Use ready-made tools for mitigating risk, and to avert damage
  • Leverage technology that helps you cut costs. Automate manual processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risk more efficiently. Become a more reliable partner

Challenge # 3: Ensure Sustainability

Consumers, stakeholders, and governments are focusing on sustainability. They require consumer goods companies to observe environmental, social, and governance standards in their network

Challenge: Consumers are pushing for the consumer goods industry to become more transparent and sustainable. Other stakeholders – investors, suppliers, and legislators – also expect manufacturers, along with their supply and distribution chains, to be guided by the principles of sustainability and fair working conditions.

The riskmethods Solution provides you the visibility you need to manage sustainability along your end-to-end supply network:

  • Continuously monitor your supply network for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. You can take immediate action on violations, and protect your reputation
  • Get risk profiles for all your business partners on sustainability and compliance indicators such as human rights. Take proactive measures to ensure your supply network is aligned with your sustainability goals
  • Understand where you’re sourcing your materials from by visualizing your suppliers, vendors, third parties, customers, and supply paths on a world map. Having assurance that your supply chain is compliant and observes corporate social responsibility (CSR) creates marketable value

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