Managing Risk in Industries with Unique Supply Chains

We make your individual supply chain more resilient

In every industry, it’s business critical to stay ahead of risk, ensure supply, and avoid disruption

The riskmethods SolutionTM protects all businesses that rely on external resources for value creation. This includes industries with unique supply networks, for example, services industries, discrete manufacturing, and many other markets. You stay compliant, act sustainably, and ensure financial stability, from contractors to customers.

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What Our Customers Say

riskmethods currently offers us an ideal solution for monitoring, consolidating, processing and reporting specific risk in the supply network.
Savas Aydin, Risk & Claim Management, SBB AG
Thanks to riskmethods, we were able to collect material worth $70,000 from a bankrupt supplier before the material was confiscated.
Corinna Lichtenegger, Department Manager Supply Management Category, Lindner AG
When our supplier was hit by a fire, riskmethods alerted us 30 hours before the supplier did. Because we acted fast to find an alternative source before market prices increased, we realized a purchasing advantage worth $300k.
André Hahn, Product Manager, Stockmeier Chemie

Why Manage Risk with The riskmethods Solution?


Be risk aware

Get visibility into the risks in your supply chain and understand the criticality of those risks.


React faster

Be the first to respond to risk by leveraging real-time information and setting the right priorities.


Be proactive

Target the root causes of risk with advanced analytics, collaboration, and mitigation tools.

We Enable Companies of any Size and in any Industry to Manage Supply Chain Risk


Meeting the challenges of various kinds of threats

Challenge: Every supply network is different. That’s why we developed The riskmethods Solution to be flexible for different kinds of use cases, company sizes, and industries. Use a total view of risk to manage all threats.

With all unique supply networks, The riskmethods Solution has your back:

  • We support you whether you rely on on-time shipments, compliant contractors, or need to meet service level agreements with your customers
  • Manage all kinds of risk. Or focus on specific risks such as financial health, compliance, sustainability, or cyber risk

Meeting the challenges of specific industry requirements and value-creation chains

Challenge: From airlines, to retail, to services, to utilities, each branch of industry has specific requirements and value-creation chains. You need a flexible solution for your unique needs.

Adapt The riskmethods Solution to your specific needs and requirements:

  • Provide The riskmethods Solution to one team, or across your organization – whether you have 10 or 1,000 users, everyone will only see what’s relevant for them
  • Customize The riskmethods Solution to fit your supply chain risk management program. For example, you can adapt the weighting of risk scores to your risk management logic, and add custom indicators or data from within your organization
  • No matter how specified your organization or supply network is: Artificial intelligence ensures you only receive information that is relevant for you, your company, or your teams

Four Reasons Why The riskmethods Solution Is the Right Choice to Protect Your Supply Network


Ensure business continuity

Don’t let supply chain risk interrupt your business


Avoid costs and protect your business

Address risk before it materializes


Protect your reputation

Demonstrate integrity to your stakeholders and be the provider of choice for your customers


Stay ahead of your competition

Gain competitive advantage by mastering risk

Customers all over the world rely on our solution

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