Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain

Reduce Supply Chain Risk

You can't possibly actively monitor all the risk in your supply chain. But we can.

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 Why digitize supply chain risk management?



Make sure your supply chain adheres to AS9100 risk management requirements.



Save time by transforming your manual supply chain risk management processes into automatic processes.



Seamlessly embed risk into other critical business processes and systems.

Risk #1: Sole-Source Suppliers

It's impossible to completely eliminate sole-source suppliers from your supply chain.


Challenges: The A&D industries rely on niche suppliers of specialized equipment. The defense sector is susceptible to geopolitical volatility, and COVID-19 has hit the aerospace industry hard.

With The riskmethods Solution™ you can:

  • Get predictive insights that can alert you to take action before a supplier goes down

  • Get at-a-glance insight into which suppliers are most critical to your network

  • Model what-if scenarios to understand the influence of mitigation actions and how they decrease the impact of risk on the business

Risk #2: Cyberattacks

Supply chain cyber attacks were up 200% in 2019.


A&D are among the most-targeted industries. Cybercriminals often seek entry through the supply network.

Challenges: Many A&D companies collaborate on digital platforms. Despite advanced cybersecurity and supply chain cyber risk awareness, threats to supply chains continue to evolve rapidly.

With The riskmethods Solution, you can:

  • Benefit from AI technology to identify supply chain cyber data breaches

  • Track suppliers’ cybersecurity policies so you can stay on top of what’s happening in your network

  • Define action plans in advance to react quickly when a cyber data breach occurs

We also work with specialized partners to provide risk scores and real-time information on cybersecurity in your supply base.

Risk #3: Lack of Sub-Tier Visibility

With your complex supply network, keeping track of sub-tier suppliers is no easy task.




Challenges: An A&D supply chain involves thousands of suppliers and subcontractors in a complex global and diverse ecosystem. Disruption or delivery failures can have severe consequences.

With The riskmethods Solution, you can:

  • Map out your supply network down to sub-tiers

  • Visualize where you have dependencies in your sub-tier structure

  • Act fast on risk events happening anywhere in your network

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Three Checklists To Guide You

  1. Supply Chain Continuity Checklist ​
  2. Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management Checklist
  3. Risk Intelligence Checklist