Imagine you had full visibility to your risk exposure.

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Effective risk management means constantly monitoring millions of sources to screen for new and emerging risk. If you think that sounds like a task that’s beyond human scale, you’re right—but by leveraging artificial intelligence, you can do it.

Instant Risk Scores

Leverage the power of our AI-driven Risk Intelligence for your procurement business

Risk Feeds

Instant risk scores. Get instant risk scores for all of your suppliers, locations and more.


Real-Time Monitoring

Automate and accelerate risk detection with artificial intelligence and big data monitoring across millions of sources.


Noise Cancellation

Gain relevant, tailored insights for quick and reliable decisions.

Why riskmethods?

  • Take work off the plate: By automating risk detection
  • Avoid cost: Vulnerable supply chains can be easily identified and proactively secured
  • Ensure compliance: Secure regulatory and ethical compliance of your supply chain
  • Be competitive: Achieve first-mover advantage with early crisis detection

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