3 reasons why your automotive supply chain is at risk

  • There are 3+ critical earthquakes each day
  • There are 13 supplier insolvencies per hour—just in Germany
  • Every 54 hours an automotive supplier is hit by a fire (affecting an average of 3+ riskmethods customers)

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Natural disasters, strikes, explosions, recalls and supplier insolvencies to name a few, have affected the automotive industry significantly in recent years. Cost reduction measures such as lean manufacturing and just-in-time delivery leave supply chains susceptible to the damaging effects when a supply disruption occurs, especially with the added challenge of demand fluctuation and volatility. Recent uncertainties regarding trade, border and import taxes have raised several questions for an industry which is globally integrated in production, supply chain component and finished goods movement.

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Is risk management important to you?

  1. Have your production processes changed in the last 10 years, or will they change in the next 10? Hint: If you’re sourcing in emerging markets, experiencing changes in the level of value creation, taking on digital transformation initiatives or reducing suppliers—the answer is yes! And, if so, have you adjusted your risk management strategy to reflect those changes?
  2. We know you have great supplier relationships. But the real question is: Do you believe that you’re going to be their first call when they experience a fire or explosion (for example, before the fire department—or a competitor)?
  3. How much money did your company spend last year for emergency logistics—and when will you exceed that number this year?

IMAGINE.... supply chain disruptions won’t put the brakes on your profits.

These three questions cover some of the critical weaknesses in many supply chain risk strategies, and the wrong answers can lead to hugely expensive, disruptive or even terminal results for your organization—and your career. Do YOU have the right answers? 

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