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Your key to crisis recovery and long-term supply chain resilience

Welcome to the riskmethods Supply Chain Continuity Program™

You’ve come to the right place. We offer a wealth of resources for supply chain recovery. Browse our one-stop source for a solution that fits your needs.

By combining riskmethods’ market-leading supply chain risk management software with our best-practice post-crisis response, the riskmethods Supply Chain Continuity Program™ guides you through COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

The program includes:

  • Whitepaper: Achieving Supply Chain Continuity gives you practical steps to becoming more risk-aware
  • Our solution: riskmethods Supply Chain Recovery Bundle™ provides everything you need to manage risk
  • Expert advice videos: Get tips on managing supply chain recovery
  • Free webinar series: Learn to uncover threats to your supply network

… and more!

During the crisis, riskmethods helped many companies to solve immediate supply chain issues. We continue to support enterprises as they master coronavirus crisis recovery, rethink their global sourcing strategies, and move from tactical response to long-term supply chain resilience.

Stay tuned as we expand this information hub with further resources!

How the riskmethods Supply Chain Continuity Program™ will help you

Many companies in the recovery phase must now manage risk within a vastly changed supply network that includes suppliers at risk and suppliers quickly onboarded during the crisis. As you move to the new normal, you will need to gain visibility into this new structure. We recommend that you perform a self-evaluation. By uncovering threats, you are better equipped to manage all types of risk in your supply chain. 

A software-based solution will provide a total view of risk into your entire supply network. Examples of possible threats include supplier financial viability, cyber security, quality, compliance, pandemic outbreaks, natural hazards, geopolitical, material availability and many more. riskmethods monitors over 100 risk indicators that can impact supply chain continuity. 

Become a risk-aware enterprise

The COVID-19 pandemic left aftershocks of uncertainty in global supply chains and revealed that many enterprises were underprepared for risk. Now during this period of recovery, you need to move past simply reacting to events towards a more efficient stance on risk management. We are here to help you. Supported by the riskmethods Supply Chain Continuity Program™, companies can improve their preparedness, build risk awareness and resilience in their supply network, and achieve supply chain continuity. 

The riskmethods Supply Chain Continuity Program™ is designed to help companies quickly understand and manage their risk exposure for recovering from the coronavirus crisis. We offer theoretical and practical components to get you started:  

Our framework, Achieving Supply Chain Continuity, guides you through coronavirus aftershocks and recovery from the crisis. Gaining visibility into your entire supply network is key to achieving risk preparedness. The framework includes checklists for self-assessment. These allow you to see where you are today and what needs to be achieved to master the current situation. 

The riskmethods Supply Chain Recovery Bundle™ provides tailor-made supply chain risk management. This cloud-based software offering supports companies in the recovery phase. We enable you to manage risk in your changing supply network, which may include suppliers in financial distress and newly added suppliers. 

What our customers say

“The riskmethods Solution helps us to understand the spread of the coronavirus. This gives us more security in our daily business and enables us to consistently ensure high quality and reliable on-time deliveries.”
Daniel Jung, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Swiss Steel AG
Swiss Steel
“Thanks to The riskmethods Solution we instantly saw which of our suppliers were impacted when the Coronavirus hit northern Italy. This allowed us to switch to alternative sources before our competition to ensure business continuity.”
Josip T. Tomasevic, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, Global Purchasing and Materials Management, AGCO Corporation
One of our favorite features of The riskmethods Solution is the ability to visualize risk on a world map. Not only has this made our jobs easier, it’s also made other departments within Dana more interested in how supply chain risk affects their own functions.
Chris Dawson,​ Senior Manager Purchasing Analytics, Dana Incorporated

Expert advice videos

For advice on achieving supply chain continuity, listen to industry experts who know how to mitigate supply chain risk. They have guided many companies during the current crisis and want to share their experience with you. Learn how to recover successfully from the coronavirus crisis.

European Union Artificial Intelligence Alliance Initiative: AI-Robotics vs. COVID-19

People and technology are stronger together. riskmethods has been accredited for the AI-Robotics vs COVID-19 initiative of the European Commission. The goal of the initiative is to collect ideas about AI and robotics solutions to help overcome the COVID-19 crisis, and the repository will be publicly available.

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