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riskmethods helps you proactively identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. You need to master supply chain risk management—we can help.

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SCRM Lifecycle: Identify, Assess, Mitigate

The answer: Employ a comprehensive supply chain risk management program that will help you secure supplier relationships, prevent supply bottlenecks and ensure your company is operating both legally and ethically. To do that, you have to first understand the three phases of the risk management lifecycle: identification, assessment and mitigation. In this whitepaper, we’ll walk you through what each of these phases means for your supply chain.

Natural disasters, strikes, sanctions, fires or insolvencies—the causes of supply disruption are numerous. Globalization is making supply chains susceptible to disruption, regulations are evolving and the hyper-connected world means your brand is only one imprudent supplier away from harm. Together, these forces expose your company to critical threats: contractual penalties, production standstills, drops in sales and reputational damage. That’s the problem. Now what do you do?

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The riskmethods Solution consists of:


Risk Radar

See near real-time insights about the health of your entire supply network via dashboards and an interactive world map. Benefit from AI-driven technology that generates relevant alerts so you’re the first to know about a risk.


Impact Analyzer

Generate impact scores for all your suppliers by category to understand exactly how a risk event might disrupt your supply network. Compare a supplier’s risk score and impact score to understand where your supply network is most vulnerable.


Action Planner

Rely on plans to help you take immediate, decisive and preventive actions for all types of risk. Automate workflows and assign user tasks so that everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

Why riskmethods?

  • Continuous Monitoring: Be the first to know. We get you exactly the information you need, exactly when you need it.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Stay a step ahead. Our AI-driven technology gives you the foresight to proactively address risk.
  • Noise Cancellation: Find the signal in the noise. We use machine-learning to make sure your alerts are 100% relevant.
  • Expert Guidance: Get expert advice. We’ve been in SCRM for a long time, and we can help you do it right.

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About riskmethods

riskmethods is a market leader in supply chain risk management with a mission to create reliable supply networks around the globe. Our award-winning SaaS solution helps companies of all sizes assure supply, maintain compliance and protect their revenue and reputation.