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SCRM Lifecycle: Identify, Assess, Mitigate

Natural disasters, strikes, sanctions, fires or insolvencies—the causes of supply disruption are numerous. Globalization is making supply chains susceptible to disruption, regulations are evolving and the hyper-connected world means your brand is only one imprudent supplier away from harm. Together, these forces expose your company to critical threats: contractual penalties, production standstills, drops in sales and reputational damage.

By employing a comprehensive supply chain risk management program that will help you secure supplier relationships, prevent supply bottlenecks and ensure your company is operating both legally and ethically. To do that, you have to first understand the three phases of the risk management lifecycle: identification, assessment and mitigation.

In this riskmethods Read, we’ll walk you through what each of these phases means for your supply chain.


The Digital Transformation of Procurement

Digitalization is not a new concept, and many industries are pursuing digital strategies or seeking to mature current digital efforts to reap the benefits of efficiency, visibility and insights from better data collection and analysis. In the world of procurement and supply chain management, digitalization is proving to be critical—especially when it comes to supply chain risk management—and experts need to fully embrace efforts to digitalize.

In this paper, we’ll explore the megatrends influencing digitalization within supply chain management and procurement teams, as well as the top practices and organizational considerations that leadership needs to understand to be successful and remain competitive.

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