The riskmethods SolutionTM

Use The riskmethods Solution to proactively manage supply chain risk. Rise above the competition. We can show you how!

The riskmethods way to manage risk

The riskmethods Solution lets you identify, assess, and mitigate supply chain risk. Artificial intelligence automates and accelerates threat detection, enables impact assessment and provides risk mitigation support. This helps you be more risk aware, react faster, and be proactive. With this holistic approach, you gain competitive advantage, protect your reputation, and reduce your total cost of risk.

The intelligent way to manage risk

Icon_Be risk aware

Be risk aware

Gain visibility into supply chain risks, and understand the criticality of those risks. Focus on what’s important to save costs and protect your brand.

Icon_React faster

React faster

Unleash the power of real-time risk response. Set the right priorities to ensure business continuity and expand your market share.


Be proactive

Advanced analytics, collaboration and mitigation tools let you counter threats before they materialize. Make your business more resilient.



Master supply chain risk. Avoid costs, demonstrate integrity, meet customer demands, and get ahead of the competition.

Supplier Risk Scorecard

Free Template

Enter information about a supplier into this simple template, which then calculates their overall risk score. The scorecard offers 14 risk indicators divided into five categories (financial stability, logistics, cost, compliance, and quality) and will use your data to calculate a simple, numerical risk score that tells you at a glance how risky your supplier is.

  • Rate suppliers based on indicators within different categories of risk
  • Assign weights to different categories of risk
  • Calculate the overall risk score of each of your suppliers

Why our customers recommend The riskmethods Solution

"The riskmethods Solution is a key element of our supply chain risk management, and it has enabled us to deliver impressive results overall. We’ve shortened lead times by 64%, improved production quality by 27% and increased savings by 53%."
James Klotz, Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing, Douglas Dynamics
“Thanks to The riskmethods Solution we instantly saw which of our suppliers were impacted when the Coronavirus hit northern Italy. This allowed us to switch to alternative sources before our competition to ensure business continuity.”
Josip T. Tomasevic, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, Global Purchasing and Materials Management, AGCO Corporation
“When our supplier was hit by a fire, riskmethods alerted us 30 hours before the supplier did. Because we acted fast to find an alternative source before market prices increased, we realized a purchasing advantage worth $300k.”
André Hahn, Product Manager, Stockmeier Chemie
“Thanks to riskmethods, we were able to collect material worth $70,000 from a bankrupt supplier before the material was confiscated.”
Corinna Lichtenegger, Department Manager Supply Management Category, Lindner AG
“With more than 28.000 suppliers, we need to find the right balance between proactive and reactive risk management. The riskmethods Solution helps us to focus our efforts so that we can achieve the highest possible value from our SCRM program.”
Tomi Hardén, Risk Manager, Nokia

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