riskmethods Partners with RapidRatings to Enhance Customers’ Risk Management Practices

Leading supply chain risk management company now offers enhanced visibility into the financial health of suppliers via integration with RapidRatings’ Financial Health System


Boston, Massachusetts, 05.20.2019 - riskmethods has partnered with RapidRatings to allow their customers to incorporate financial health data of public and private partners into their supply chain risk management workflows.

With the riskmethods’, a leader in supply chain risk management, and RapidRatings combined solution, companies can streamline traditional data entry and data extraction processes and automatically integrate their financial data sources, including financial risk indicators derived by RapidRatings, into the riskmethods’ scorecard. Customers can now receive the best financial health information available from a wide range of sources in one unified view.

“By adding insights from RapidRatings to the riskmethods risk scorecard, we are able to inform our customers about the financial health of public and private suppliers based on ratings that are unbiased and completely empirical,” said Bill DeMartino, general manager of North America at riskmethods. “Through this partnership, we are able to provide a single source of truth for supply chain risk, simplifying our customers’ information management processes and helping them make better decisions faster.”

“Now riskmethods’ risk management system leverages financial health ratings analysis for more contextualized insights,” said James Gellert, Chairman & CEO at RapidRatings. “This partnership makes it much easier for our clients to automate workflows and run increasingly complex risk management scenarios for their supply chain business partners.”

As part of this new venture, riskmethods is proud to be sponsoring the RapidRatings 2019 Client Summit on May 20-21 in Hoboken, NJ. To see a product demo or get more information about the riskmethods and RapidRatings partnership, stop by the riskmethods booth.

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