Action Planner™

riskmethods Action Planner helps you collaborate across your organization and with your suppliers to proactively mitigate risk.

Make Your Job Easier with How-To Expert Guidance


  • Have a plan before you need one. Preconfigured (and fully customizable!) risk mitigation plans help you proactively mitigate risk by telling you exactly what you need to do—before you actually need to do it.
  • Be ready for anything. Financial risk, reputational risk, geopolitical risk—there’s a lot to be prepared for. Action Planner’s mitigation plans are designed for any risk you can imagine.
  • Keep calm in risky situations. With Action Planner, you never have to hit the panic button. You’ll always know what to do and when to do it.
  • Make better decisions. You don’t have to be a risk expert to mitigate risk. Base your and your team’s actions on guidance and know-how that follows industry best practices.

Prevent Risk from Costing You with Easy-to-Use Collaboration Tools


  • Work together to avoid problems. A supply network is just that—a network. You can’t work alone, and you shouldn’t have to. Action Planner allows you to collaborate across your organization and with suppliers to proactively mitigate risk.
  • Get the answers you need. Don’t just wonder if a risk event might impact one of your partners—use Action Planner to reach out directly for the information you need.
  • Focus on all the right things. Your supply network is complex, but taking action doesn’t have to be. Know exactly where to look with an automatic and easy-to-understand view of your business partners that are affected by a risk event.

Save Valuable Time by Making the Right Moves


  • End endless e-mail chains. Responses to risk must be efficient to be effective—so get rid of massive e-mail chains and reply-all nightmares. Action Planner allows you to define tasks from a central location that everyone can access.
  • Avoid duplication of efforts. In a risk event, it may not always be clear who should be doing what. That’s why Action Planner lets you assign responsible parties for specific tasks—so everyone knows who’s doing what.
  • Throw away your to-do lists. What’s in progress, what’s done and what still needs to be done? Action Planner keeps track of your team’s tasks—so they don’t have to.

Stay Compliant and Make Audits a Breeze with Automated Documentation and Reporting


  • Share risk mitigation activities with stakeholders. When someone asks, “What did you do about this?”, you better be ready with the answer. Action Planner makes sure you are.
  • Avoid fines and penalties. Your company isn’t the only one wondering how you mitigate risk. Action Planner automatically documents activities so that they can be shared with auditors or other external partners.
  • Be ready to answer any question. Wondering what happened, who did what, and how? Action Planner keeps track of all the moves you make so that you can easily refer back to them.

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