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Whether you want to see your supply chain on the big screen or the small screen, riskmethods Apps have you covered.

The riskmethods Solution™ saved us hundreds of hours. We demonstrated to a key customer how quickly we can identify high-risk suppliers, and how this information helps us mitigate potential disruptions. This boosted our reputation and cemented our relationship with the customer.
Allen Holcomb, Director, Global Electronics Supply Chain, Nexteer Automotive

riskmethods Mobile AppTM

riskmethods Mobile App lets you visualize your supply chain on any device, from a smartphone to an iPad. With riskmethods Mobile App, you can quickly check the risk exposure of your suppliers and your own sites—no matter where you are. 


Make Your Job Easier with On-the-Go Risk Management



Manage risk on the go and stay up to date with riskmethods Mobile App for IOS and Android



Access information on supply chain risks, so that you can respond quickly in the event of a threat



Streamline your work with an interface similar to the web app, for a seamless user experience



Display end-to-end supply chains, from sub-tier suppliers to customers, on an interactive world map

Prevent Risk from Costing You with Real-Time Notifications

riskmethods app on the mobile

  • Keep an eye on active risk events with push notifications and threat-specific impact zones that show your affected risk objects
  • See all of your risk notifications at once
  • Receive timely risk notifications to stay informed of new and evolving threats wherever they are
  • Stay up to date on the latest risk events via push notifications, so you can act quickly to reduce risk

Save Valuable Time by Identifying the Right Risks

riskmethods App on the mobile

  • Visualize active risk events with threat-specific impact zones and affected risk objects
  • Get the big picture to anticipate early warning signals of distress
  • Customize the view to display desired risk objects
  • Visualize your supply chains on an interactive world map

Make the Right Moves by Mitigating Risk

riskmethods App on the mobile

  • Mitigate the impact of risk before it materializes
  • Streamline response time with ready-made action plans
  • Visualize your supply chains on an interactive world map

Stay Up To Date by Giving Feedback

 Provide feedback on riskmethods Mobile App

  • Submit research requests about rumors or news that might affect your supply chain
  • Let riskmethods Risk Research team evaluate important events for you
In the past, our supply chain was designed primarily for cost efficiency rather than resilience or agility. In today’s more challenging market environment, a key success factor in our purchasing strategy is managing our supply chain risk. This supports us in our mission to deliver more value to our customers.
Velat Özkilinc, Executive Vice President | Chief Purchasing Officer, Joyson Safety Systems

riskmethods TV AppTM

riskmethods TV App allows you to broadcast risk information on a big-screen TV, showcasing the strength of your supply chain risk management program within the company and to your clients.

Visualize Supply Chain Risk on a Big Screen



Designed for Apple TV, ensuring seamless connectivity and wireless streaming on any TV



Demonstrate your supply chain risk management strategy easily to large groups



Show clients how supply chain risk management improves their overall business



Broadcast your supply chain risk management information on an interactive screen

Understand Risk Events Faster

the riskmethods Solution dashboard

  • Specific Risk Event: Zoom in on locations to get more information about a specific risk event
  • Desired Location: Customize the view to your desired location
  • Active Risk Events: Automatic map navigation highlighting active risk events with threat-specific impact zones and affected risk objects
  • News Ticker: Show emerging threats on a news ticker
  • Interactive World Map: Draw attention to active risk events on the interactive world map
The quality of risk alerts from The riskmethods Solution™ is very high. Our notifications don’t contain irrelevant noise.
Fabian Ulbricht, Manager Procurement, Rottendorf Pharma GmbH
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