riskmethods Apps

Whether you want to see your supply chain on the big screen or the small screen, the riskmethods apps have you covered.

riskmethods TV screenshot

riskmethods TV

  • Broadcast your supply chain risk management information on the big screen.
  • Call attention to active risk events via an interactive world map and scrolling news ticker.
  • Zoom in on locations to get more information about a specific risk event.
Displaying our supply network and current threats via the riskmethods TV App has driven companywide interest in our risk management initiative.
Stefan Marxer, Head of Global Sourcing, Neutrik AG

riskmethods Mobile App

  • Manage risk on the go with the riskmethods iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Keep an eye on active risk events with push notifications and threat-specific impact zones showing your affected risk objects.
  • Submit research requests to let riskmethods evaluate events for you.  
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