Impact Analyzer™

riskmethods Impact Analyzer helps you to minimize the business impact of risk by assessing supplier criticality and detecting vulnerabilities at the category level.

Protect Your Spend by Improving Your Category Strategy

Impact Analyzer™

  • Strengthen your category by reducing risk. Understand how risk affects your entire category, not just individual suppliers. Impact Analyzer gives you the big picture you need to make your category more resilient to interruption.
  • Fix the gaps in your supply base. Do you have critical suppliers without alternative suppliers? Impact Analyzer highlights the gaps in your supply base so you can prevent disruption before it happens.
  • Understand and reduce the impact of suppliers on your business. Do more than just identify problems—understand exactly how specific actions will help you solve them. For example, use Impact Analyzer to see how qualifying an alternative supplier will reduce your risk exposure.
  • Make the right decisions for you. Every company and every category is different. Impact Analyzer assesses supplier criticality based on your specific business—so you can select the right suppliers and make other moves that are best for your category.

Turn Risk into Opportunity by Rising Above the Competition

Impact Analyzer™

  • Immediately see what matters most. Impact Analyzer does the data analysis for you. An interactive heatmap displays risk score and supplier criticality so you can see what’s happening and take the right actions—before the competition does.
  • Be better than the rest. An easy understanding of your risk exposure means you can make the right moves at the right time. Use Impact Analyzer’s assessments to react faster and be more effective than anyone else—and reap the resulting rewards.

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