Discover the value of seamless data integration

If your business relies on information contained in multiple systems, seamless data integration is a must. That’s why our data isn’t our data: It’s your data. The riskmethods API allows you to make The riskmethods Solution work the way you need it to.

We were able to seamlessly integrate The riskmethods solution into our SRM system. Now all of our data is right where we need it.
Adam Ferris, Project & System Manager, Global Purchasing & Materials, AGCO

The value of business system integration

Better performance

Consider risk across all business processes.

Better information

Complement risk scores with cross-system data.

Better data management

Maintain data integrity throughout your enterprise.

Better visibility

Make supply chain monitoring available to other departments.

Integrate data from other systems into The riskmethods Solution

Want data from your SRM, ERP or BI systems to inform your risk scores?

Supplier Data

Save time and achieve data integrity by pulling supplier lists from your system of record into riskmethods.


Supply Chain Metadata

Mirror metadata—such as supplier classifications—in riskmethods to increase the depth and breadth of risk information, enabling seamless and rapid adoption.


Internal Metrics

Bring company-internal metrics—quality, performance, financial, etc.— into your riskmethods risk scorecards to get an even more holistic risk profile.

Pull risk insights from The riskmethods Solution into other systems

Want information from The riskmethods Solution to be integrated into other systems?

Control Tower Data

Bring risk scores, alerts and location data from The riskmethods Solution into your supply chain control tower for increased visibility to risk exposure.


Analytics Dashboards

Use riskmethods analytics dashboards in your BI, SRM or ERP systems for increased risk awareness and better decisions.


Business Process Management Data

Bring riskmethods alerts into your business process management systems to trigger automatic workflows and accelerate crisis response time.

Build your own apps to serve specific needs

Want to create your own apps giving more information about your supply chain?


Use insights from The riskmethods Solution to provide information about where your goods are coming from.



Build custom web or mobile apps to visualize your sourcing locations and supply chains for your customers.



Give your product management team visibility into how you’re monitoring the products they rely on.

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