Risk Intelligence Add-Ons

While taking advantage of the native data sources available in The riskmethods Solution, you can also bring in specialized data sources and solutions that address financial ratings, sanctions control, sustainability, compliance and currency fluctuation.

Financial Ratings

  • Pull data from Creditsafe, Bureau van Dijk and RapidRatings into The riskmethods Solution.
  • Skip the long financial reports—get only the information you need to easily assess and compare global suppliers.
  • Review financial history: balance sheets, company assets and P&L statements.
  • Be in the know on directors and shareholders, beneficial owners, group structure, bankruptcy data and payment experience.

Sanctions Control

  • Ensure sanctions compliance by automatically screening business partners.
  • Get instantly notified if an entity in your supply chain is added to a sanctions list.
  • Save manual work by receiving verified matches only.

Sustainability and Compliance

  • Protect your brand and avoid penalties by monitoring sustainability and compliance across suppliers in one place.
  • Stay on top of your brand image with active social media monitoring and real-time sentiment alerts.
  • Adhere to international standards such as ISO9001, GDPR, C-TPAT and more.

Currency Fluctuation

  • Protect your profit margins by automatically monitoring currency fluctuations.
  • Get notified of significant changes to exchange rates for an unlimited number of currencies.
  • Get alerted to conditions that will inform and improve your sourcing strategy and budgeting.

The ROI of SCRM with riskmethods

riskmethods customers have been able to:
Avoiding costs

Avoid Costs

Save 20% by securing critical supply.

Maintaining continuity

Maintain Business Continuity

Respond to a disruption 36 hours faster than before.

Promoting efficiency

Promote Efficiency

Use automation to increase early risk detection by 85%.

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